Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Task pt. 2

So where we? Oh yeah, I was writing about how Miss H made me ask her to wear the diaper and plastic panties to bed. After the initial humiliation wore off we pretty much just chilled out in bed for the rest of the night. She was kind enough to allow me to edge myself to near orgasm by dry humping her leg while she read a magazine. Eventually she either began to get turned on by my pathetic display of sexual need or perhaps just felt like she could use a little pleasure her self, so  finally she put the magazine away and I spooned behind her. I was allowed to continue rubbing against her ass, her cock straining for release underneath my diaper.

After asking for permission I was allowed to touch her beautiful breasts, and beautiful they truly are. Huge D's that are mesmerizing to look at. They're also very sensitive so with nothing more then some gentle twisting, squeezing and sucking, she was moaning and more then willing to allow me to continue trying to frantically seek some relief through the thick folds on the diaper. The flood of pre-cum I was dripping inside provided some lubrication which helped increase the level of sensation I was getting. Speaking of which, when I say that I'm getting any sexual pleasure from thrusting against something while inside the diaper let me put that in perspective. On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being no physical contact from Miss H at all and 10 being fully engaged in intercourse, the feeling I get while diapered is about a 3, if I get enough pre-cum as lube and find just the right angle to pump at.

It's on par with her gently running her fingers down the length of her cock. It feels good, but in a regular situation would be nothing more then a tease and not nearly enough to provide any real sexual pleasure. However at a time when even a thirty second handjob is becoming a special reward and any sexual release is frantically begged for, that little bit of pleasure is magnified tenfold and needed like a junkie looking for his next hit. I almost came numerous times, but each time stopped right at the brink as to not break Miss H's sacred rule, no cumming with out her permission. Like all good things though, my pleasure soon came to an unwelcome halt. Miss H ordered me to turn around so she could get to bed. It wasn't long after that we both drifted off, her falling off to sleep listening to her iPod, me, dressed, diapered, and sexually frustrated once more.

Fast forward to the next morning. We awoke to the sound of her alarm clock going off and after more then a few slaps of the snooze button we were awake. Getting out of bed in the morning is always a bit of a sting, I tend to forget about the fact that I'm still wearing a diaper and dressed in slutty women's clothes so when I remember that little fact I always cringe a little. She gets dressed in her business suit while I'm there looking like a sissy bitch. Quite the contrast and humbling mind fuck. While she's getting ready I automatically head out to the kitchen to get her morning coffee ready, make breakfast for her, and prepare her lunch. When I returned to the bedroom to check on her she was just finishing up a few last minute things, getting her bags together, checking her hair one last time, etc.

She then did something unexpected, she sat down on the bed and stared at me. This type of close inspection always makes me uncomfortable because I feel like she's judging me, mentally comparing me to the strong, well educated, aggressive, Type A alpha males she works with. If I wasn't already self conscious about myself to begin with, being dressed and diapered sure wasn't helping the situation. I was so nervous that I don't even remember exactly what she said, but something along the lines of " don't just stand there, I don't have all day. Piss you diaper so I can leave for work". Fuck. She was going to watch.

I had badly needed to pee from the minute I had gotten up that morning, desperately trying to hold it so I could at least save myself the embarrassment of wetting myself when she was still around. I may or may not have been able to hold it for another ten minutes or so, long enough to have Miss H on her way to work, but it was now a moot point. As I stood there trembling before her, scared of humiliating myself even more in front her, I knew I had no say in the matter. I bowed my head in shame, mumbled "Yes, Mistress" under my breath, and stopped trying to hold back. It took maybe thirty seconds or so to finish, the feel of wet, warmth surrounding me, as I rigidly stared at the floor totally unwilling to look her in the face as she watched in delight at my mental torment.

I was made to walk her to the front door and thank her. She patted my head condescendingly and said "good girl. You can go get changed now" before heading out into the bright morning sun, leaving me to analyze what had just happened to me over and over again in my head.

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