Thursday, February 16, 2012

I need a nurse

I haven't had the opportunity to blog as much as I would like recently. I've had a wicked cold for the past few days which has made anything more then laying on the sofa and sleeping an unlikely task to be accomplished. That comes right on the heels of bronchitis and a case of costochondritis caused by it. To save you the need to google that, it's basically when you cough so much that you actually damage/separate/piss off the cartilage in your chest. It makes sneezing, coughing, sleeping, laughing, and virtually everything else a painful proposition.

This unfortunate streak of medical issues has caused some strife during our "vanilla time" break from our FLR. Miss H and I were planning on having the exact opposite of chastity during this little break, it was to be a non-stop fuck fest of orgasms at will. Sounded great in theory but it hasn't worked out that way. Between buckling over in pain from the costochondritis, and feeling like crap from the cold, our sex life has been virtually nill. We had a really good conversation again the other night and it did a lot to fix a number of worries and insecurities that both of us were having.

On the plus side, we decided that when she gets back from a work trip to the midwest she's leaving for in about a week, we're getting right back into the FLR/chastity type relationship that has served us so well for the past year. Until then we're going to try to enjoy this free time we do have. It's still takes some getting use to start fooling around with Miss H and then realize that I'm not only actually allowed to have sex with her, I can cum as many times as I want in virtually any manner I desire. It's heady stuff for someone who has spent months and months with nothing more then the occasional handjob without completion as their only form of sexual pleasure. Now if only this cold will go away so I can actually enjoy it. 

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