Friday, February 21, 2014

Wrapped for Valentine's Day

Miss H and I had some special plans for our anniversary/Valentine's Day last week which unfortunately didn't quite work out as we had planned. Like a good portion of the rest of the country, we got nailed with yet another snow storm that made driving a risky proposition. Several inches of snow and freezing rain caused the restaurant we had reservation at to call and tell us that they were closing early for the night and therefore would have to reschedule. It was definitely a bummer but we came up with an alternate plan for the weekend to try and makeup up for it.

Originally it was something sort of romantic, a day for the two of us to head out, see some sights and grab a nice lunch. I was of course horny as hell thanks to what has been months now without release but was looking forward to a day out with the wife even if it meant no daylong kink session. We needed some time together and this would be a great opportunity to unwind and relax for a little while. Much to my surprise though, that's not quite how the day worked out.

I received an email from Miss H that was pretty direct and to the point. I was to put out a number of bondage/clothing/toys, shave completely on Saturday morning, and remain naked and waiting for Miss H until she awoke ( I always wake up much earlier then she does). Not quite what I expected, but I sure wasn't complaining.

I followed her orders to the T and shortly after waking she handed me the vibrating, inflatable butt plug that she had gotten me this past Christmas. I inserted it and stood silently as she then placed our black leather hood on my head. After lacing it in tightly and securing it so I couldn't see anything at all, she began wrapping me up tightly with foot after foot of clear saran wrap. She kept going, cocooning me under layer upon layer of ever tightening plastic wrap, finally sealing everything securely with thick, pink duct tape.

Miss H lowered me onto the bed and then whispered into my ear, "here's how things are going to go today. I'm going to watch TV for a while, then I'm going to grab a late breakfast. After that I'll probably take a shower, watch some more TV, then take care of a few things around the house. You're going to sit there just like that and not bother me." She didn't wait for my response.

I heard the TV click on and then tried to squirm around a bit, just to see how tight things really were. This wasn't the "play around with bondage" type restraints I was in, it was more along the lines of the "captured hostage" level of lock down. Even if I wanted to, the plastic wrap was so thick and the tape so tight, I wasn't getting out of here until Miss H decided she would let me.


She would occasionally rub her hand gently over my throbbing cock, teasing me without the slightest hint of mercy. Although I couldn't see her, I just knew she was probably smiling, enjoying my grunts and groans, desperate for any further contact. Soon she switched from slight rubbing to turning the vibration function of the butt plug on and off with different levels of intensity. She would do it enough to get me all excited and leaking then suddenly stop. Only after waiting for me to calm down would she begin again and this frustrating exercise would continue over and over until I was going insane.

At some point I could feel her pulling and cutting on a the portion of the plastic wrap above my cock. She cut a small square area away and reinforced it with duct tape to provide herself with a clear opening to my now exposed and defenseless little dick.

I was hoping for perhaps a handjob or something like that, maybe even the fleshlight but I only got a few strokes with her hand, just enough to tease me and drive me wild with need. I was leaking like a faucet and begging for more but it was to no avail. Nothing else happened and eventually I could hear the shower turn on from her bathroom. I didn't really have any other option so I just laid there patiently, hoping she would be back soon. 

I jumped when I felt the plug suddenly begin to inflate inside me. Miss H had snuck out from the bathroom and being laced in the padded hood, I hadn't heard her creep in beside me. She squeezed the bulb slowly and repetitively, each time make me groan with absolute pleasure as it grew bigger and bigger inside me. The pressure building up was both slightly uncomfortable yet undeniably amazing at the same time. When she started ramping up the vibration function I thought I was going to lose it, thrashing around the bed like a fish out of water.  Once again, she never bothered to touch my cock, instead just toying with me, repeatedly blowing up and deflating the plug while alternating with different levels and times of vibration intensity.


As the picture above shows I was leaking all over the place. This picture was taken early and there wasn't much pre-cum visible. Later on though, I thought I had accidentally ejaculated because the area around the base of my dick down to my finger tips was just absolutely flooded. When I asked Miss H about it later she just laughed and said that I hadn't, it was all totally clear but that I really did have pre-cum pooled up all over the place I was so hard and horny.

It wasn't until almost dinner time later that night did Miss H finally cut me out and that was only because I was wimping out and begging for her to release me. The heat from my body seemed to be making the plastic shrink a bit which although not life threatening or anything, was making me feel a bit claustrophobic. That plus the fact that my feet were getting a little sore from being so tightly wrapped together made me finally break and ask to be let out. 

The best part of the day though? As much as I loved the vibrating/inflatable butt plug, it was actually just one sentence that Miss H said that literally almost made me cum. About halfway into things I asked her if I could be let out because I was getting a little sore. "Is it life threatening? Are you losing circulation or something?", she asked. "Well, no. I'm just getting sore and it's kind of uncomfortable", I feebly responded, upset with myself for not being able to outlast her willingness to keep me bound. "Well, I can deal with that. You can be uncomfortable for me", she said as she walked in to take her shower, closing the door loudly behind her.

With each passing day her Domme side gets more and more sharpened, more willing to put her own needs and wants first, more willing to push things. It's an incredible thing to see....and experience.

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