Saturday, February 23, 2013

All over the place.

I think I'm either hitting menopause (which is hard to do if you're a 37 year old man) or having a mid life crisis or perhaps just afflicted with seasonal affective disorder. For the past few weeks my hormones seem to be all whacked out. Miss H and I were in the middle of a nice almost two month long period of tease and denial with no orgasms and I was flying high, horny as hell, and generally loving life. Then all of a sudden I got a little bit of chafing on my penis and things just fell apart. We had to take a few days off to let my junk heal and then it just seemed like one thing after another kept popping up to keep us from getting back on track. I was exhausted from getting up early for work so I was falling asleep around 9pm for a while, then Miss H wasn't feeling good for a couple of nights, and so on and so on.

A few days ago Miss H seemed a bit perturbed with things and said something to the effect of us not having had sex or played around in nearly a month. I thought she was crazy at first, that was after all a super long time for us to go without any kind of adult time between us, but after thinking about it for a minute and doing a mental rundown of the calendar, she was absolutely right. I have no idea how that much time passed because it sure didn't seem like that long and the strangest thing was I don't even remember being that horny in that time either. I suppose the stress of day to day life mixed in with some extended bouts of lack of sleep can put the sex drive in neutral for a while.

Several days something just kind of kicked into gear again and I was back to being really horny. I don't know what it was, there was nothing I can put my finger on, but just like that the testosterone was flowing again and Miss H and I dove into one another like horny high school kids. Feeling her touch, her warmth, once again was incredible and rekindled a sense of sexual urgency once again inside me. She said we would definetly be getting back into the FLR again in a few days but for now she wanted me to cum as much as I wanted to, a kind of final hurrah before I'm on extended lockdown again. I'm excited about that but not sure how long that will actually last, she's off to visit a friend in upsate PA this weekend and when she comes back who knows if her mood will have changed and she'll be more interested in putting my cock in a cage instead of putting it inside her.