Friday, February 21, 2014

Wrapped for Valentine's Day

Miss H and I had some special plans for our anniversary/Valentine's Day last week which unfortunately didn't quite work out as we had planned. Like a good portion of the rest of the country, we got nailed with yet another snow storm that made driving a risky proposition. Several inches of snow and freezing rain caused the restaurant we had reservation at to call and tell us that they were closing early for the night and therefore would have to reschedule. It was definitely a bummer but we came up with an alternate plan for the weekend to try and makeup up for it.

Originally it was something sort of romantic, a day for the two of us to head out, see some sights and grab a nice lunch. I was of course horny as hell thanks to what has been months now without release but was looking forward to a day out with the wife even if it meant no daylong kink session. We needed some time together and this would be a great opportunity to unwind and relax for a little while. Much to my surprise though, that's not quite how the day worked out.

I received an email from Miss H that was pretty direct and to the point. I was to put out a number of bondage/clothing/toys, shave completely on Saturday morning, and remain naked and waiting for Miss H until she awoke ( I always wake up much earlier then she does). Not quite what I expected, but I sure wasn't complaining.

I followed her orders to the T and shortly after waking she handed me the vibrating, inflatable butt plug that she had gotten me this past Christmas. I inserted it and stood silently as she then placed our black leather hood on my head. After lacing it in tightly and securing it so I couldn't see anything at all, she began wrapping me up tightly with foot after foot of clear saran wrap. She kept going, cocooning me under layer upon layer of ever tightening plastic wrap, finally sealing everything securely with thick, pink duct tape.

Miss H lowered me onto the bed and then whispered into my ear, "here's how things are going to go today. I'm going to watch TV for a while, then I'm going to grab a late breakfast. After that I'll probably take a shower, watch some more TV, then take care of a few things around the house. You're going to sit there just like that and not bother me." She didn't wait for my response.

I heard the TV click on and then tried to squirm around a bit, just to see how tight things really were. This wasn't the "play around with bondage" type restraints I was in, it was more along the lines of the "captured hostage" level of lock down. Even if I wanted to, the plastic wrap was so thick and the tape so tight, I wasn't getting out of here until Miss H decided she would let me.


She would occasionally rub her hand gently over my throbbing cock, teasing me without the slightest hint of mercy. Although I couldn't see her, I just knew she was probably smiling, enjoying my grunts and groans, desperate for any further contact. Soon she switched from slight rubbing to turning the vibration function of the butt plug on and off with different levels of intensity. She would do it enough to get me all excited and leaking then suddenly stop. Only after waiting for me to calm down would she begin again and this frustrating exercise would continue over and over until I was going insane.

At some point I could feel her pulling and cutting on a the portion of the plastic wrap above my cock. She cut a small square area away and reinforced it with duct tape to provide herself with a clear opening to my now exposed and defenseless little dick.

I was hoping for perhaps a handjob or something like that, maybe even the fleshlight but I only got a few strokes with her hand, just enough to tease me and drive me wild with need. I was leaking like a faucet and begging for more but it was to no avail. Nothing else happened and eventually I could hear the shower turn on from her bathroom. I didn't really have any other option so I just laid there patiently, hoping she would be back soon. 

I jumped when I felt the plug suddenly begin to inflate inside me. Miss H had snuck out from the bathroom and being laced in the padded hood, I hadn't heard her creep in beside me. She squeezed the bulb slowly and repetitively, each time make me groan with absolute pleasure as it grew bigger and bigger inside me. The pressure building up was both slightly uncomfortable yet undeniably amazing at the same time. When she started ramping up the vibration function I thought I was going to lose it, thrashing around the bed like a fish out of water.  Once again, she never bothered to touch my cock, instead just toying with me, repeatedly blowing up and deflating the plug while alternating with different levels and times of vibration intensity.


As the picture above shows I was leaking all over the place. This picture was taken early and there wasn't much pre-cum visible. Later on though, I thought I had accidentally ejaculated because the area around the base of my dick down to my finger tips was just absolutely flooded. When I asked Miss H about it later she just laughed and said that I hadn't, it was all totally clear but that I really did have pre-cum pooled up all over the place I was so hard and horny.

It wasn't until almost dinner time later that night did Miss H finally cut me out and that was only because I was wimping out and begging for her to release me. The heat from my body seemed to be making the plastic shrink a bit which although not life threatening or anything, was making me feel a bit claustrophobic. That plus the fact that my feet were getting a little sore from being so tightly wrapped together made me finally break and ask to be let out. 

The best part of the day though? As much as I loved the vibrating/inflatable butt plug, it was actually just one sentence that Miss H said that literally almost made me cum. About halfway into things I asked her if I could be let out because I was getting a little sore. "Is it life threatening? Are you losing circulation or something?", she asked. "Well, no. I'm just getting sore and it's kind of uncomfortable", I feebly responded, upset with myself for not being able to outlast her willingness to keep me bound. "Well, I can deal with that. You can be uncomfortable for me", she said as she walked in to take her shower, closing the door loudly behind her.

With each passing day her Domme side gets more and more sharpened, more willing to put her own needs and wants first, more willing to push things. It's an incredible thing to see....and experience.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

About my Kik...

Hi, for anyone whose tried to message me recently on kik (my username is subslutchristie if you're interested), I have to apologize, I've just been crazy busy with Christmas stuff and been unable to reply. It's nothing personal, I love talking with new people, just haven't had the free time I'd like to really get on and use it. I'm working on it though and things should be back to normal soon. Thanks!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Diapers and Ballet boots

Miss H and I were in the mood to take a few photos, ok, more then a few, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, but here's a few of the ones I like the best. Enough talk, lets get to the pics -

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sissy on the Vegas strip.

On one of our last nights in Las Vegas we were arriving back in our hotel room and Miss H was tired after a long day of seeing the sights. She wanted to just chill out and relax, but I was still kind of wired up and staying in our room while the strip was buzzing just outside our window didn't seem like an option I wanted to explore. I asked Miss H if she would mind if I headed out for a while so I could walk up the north end of the strip and check a few things out. As lame as it may sound I kind of wanted to check out the volcano show in front of the Mirage, and perhaps stroll through the Flamingo casino for their "Party Pit" (basically just an excuse to have hot chicks in lingerie, etc dance in the casino while people gambled at the table games).

"I don't mind at all", she said as I was getting ready. "Just don't forget to put on that pink dress first though", she mentioned, as if it was no big deal. I was kind of shocked and thought she was just kidding. "No really, get out that pink dress", she said once again. I immediately went into whiny bitch mode, which I tend to due at supersonic speed when she says something I don't initially like, and started huffing and hawing. "It's too crowded, there too many people out there, they're all going to stare at me, especially if I'm not even wearing any makeup and a wig!", I howled in terror.

This was met with a long, and extremely annoyed sigh and eye roll. "Put on the dress, and garters, you can wear a pair of shorts and that white shirt you've got on over top of it".  "Yes, Mistress", was all I could muster and began doing as she asked. "Keep it up and I'll make you wear a pair of heels too", she snapped. I don't think she would actually make me go through with it, but I wasn't entirely sure so I figured why chance it, so I finished getting dressed, a little worried that people would notice the pink from the dress beneath my shirt.

After a kiss goodbye, I headed toward the elevator and then out on to the strip. Considering it was around 10pm, I was on the Vegas strip, and there were people in costumes, drunk slutty chicks, and general craziness at every turn, I don't know why I felt people were staring at me, but I did ;) After a short walk I made it down to the Mirage and waited in front of the volcano for the show to start. While I waited I got several txt's from Miss H making fun of me, which only served to make me even hornier then I already was.

The show itself was short but not bad.

I walked the strip for a while after that and eventually found myself at the Flamingo's Party Pit.

By this point I'm crazy horny and haven't cummed in who knows how long. I had to pee so I headed off for the closest bathroom. I picked an empty stall near the back because I wanted to send a couple of pics to Miss H and this would provide the necessary privacy. This was the first pic I took and sent her.

Miss H quickly replied with some dirty, degrading txt's which instantly got me hard and we started sexting back and forth. It wasn't long before I was stroking myself, so turned on by wearing the dress and garters while the sound of strange men walking all around just a few feet away from me. 

It was so humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. I kept edging myself over and over again for a while, until I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to "cheat" and actually cum so I quickly pulled my shorts up and left, stopping myself before I could jerk off to completion and feel the sweet release of an orgasm that I had been denied from for so long.

I got back to our room shortly after and Miss H acted like nothing had happened at all. Damn, she's incredible ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A sissy in Sin City part 2

Our next day in Vegas consisted of, among other things, a trip to the Erotic Heritage Museum which I had a Groupon for. The museum was off the strip, in the downtown area. We go there right when they opened and it wasn't crowded at all which was good because it gave us time to explore by ourselves.

The museum itself is actually very cool and quite interesting, with tons of displays and exhibits. Both Miss H and I really enjoyed it and totally recommend it. It only takes an hour or so to go through so it's the perfect quick trip idea.

One of the things that was really cool was, of all things, the bathroom. When we first got to the museum the guy at the desk mentioned there were several bathrooms and that we should definitely stop at the one near the Hustler exhibit. He said don't forget to grab a marker and sign it when you get there. I really didn't pay much attention to it until we walked in.

Just like he said, there was a cup filled with different colored markers right outside the door and people were leaving a never ending assortment of signatures, comments, and everything else. Miss H signed for us then went over and pushed the bathroom door closed behind me. "It seems kind of appropriate since we're here, don't you think?", she said as she lowered her jeans and bent over the sink. "Now get over here and lick my asshole, sissy", she commanded. I eagerly dove to my knees and spread her ass cheeks with my hands as I pushed my tongue into her ass. 

Worshiping Miss H's ass is one of my favorite things in the world and to be given the chance to do it in a public setting like this was amazing. I tongued and licked like a madman, desperate to get as far as I could inside her. I was already hard from viewing the other exhibits earlier, and this only made me more so. I felt a slight tingle in my panties and a feeling of wetness but didn't think much of it and kept going at Miss H's ass with abondan. I assumed I was just getting turned on and leaking pre-cum everywhere. Miss H let go of the back of my head and pushed me away. "Ok, that's enough for now", she said as we both got up and started to pull ourselves back together. 

I looked down and started to see a small spot of wetness by the crotch area of my shorts. They were a light tan so they tended to leak through when I had a lot of pre-cum in my panties. As I pulled the shorts out flat though I literally gasped, the whole front crotch of my shorts were soaked. I tend to have a lot of pre-cum but this was insane. I had a wet spot at least three inches wide, smack dab in the middle of my shorts. I quickly stuck my hand in my panties and was horrified by what I felt, a huge load of watery cum. It wasn't as thick as it normally is when I cum, but there was copious amounts everywhere. I grabbed a paper towel and tried to get as much of it out as I could but the damage was done.

Now being in chastity and continually teased and denied, Miss H and I have clearly seen a big decline in my sexual stamina, but that was a first. I felt like Jim from American Pie where he cums so quick with that hot chick.


Not only did I not even receive any pleasure from this super fast premature ejaculation, I barely felt it happening in the first place. Miss H didn't seem to upset, if anything she was enjoying my humiliation and freak out that people might see me like this. She let out a chuckle and then simply went back to looking at some of the exhibits. I on the other hand tried everything I could think of to clean up/hide/not die from embarrassment. I mean if it happens in the food store people might think you just spilled something on yourself, but at a sex museum full of porn and sex toys? That draws an entirely different conclusion.

Well, I guess you add that to those Vegas memories that we'll never forget...


Saturday, November 9, 2013

A sissy in Sin City.

Our first night in Vegas was kind of subdued, after a long flight, and treking through McCarran airport and the rental car facility, we were kind of tired so we checked in to our room and took it easy. We settled in, got something to eat, took a walk around the casino and basically just tried to soak in the whole atmosphere of Las Vegas. The next day we hit the strip to check out some of the other casino's and sites and even stopped at a gun range to shoot some fully automatic weapons. Miss H actually got a pink camouflaged rifle, which I have to say made me a little jealous, but overall it was a great day.

We returned to our room later that night and Miss H decided she wanted to take a relaxing bath and chill out for a while. Our room was a suite at the Luxor and therefore had a huge tub right by the window. While it wasn't a strip view, more of a back view of the mountains and pool, the room itself was very nice. When I first told Miss H about the room and was in he process of booking it I mentioned all the amenities to Miss H and she loved it. What I didn't tell her was while I knew she would enjoy the tub, I also picked it because I had my own reasons for wanting a nice large bathtub.

As she was getting out of the tub that night and drying off, she allowed me to masturbate to her naked and completely gorgeous body.

I was so turned on and excited but was still kind of nervous to ask her something so I just sat there jerking off furiously as she watched me with a mix of amusement and disdain in her eyes. Being so excited to finally being able to touch myself again, I blurted out " please Mistress can you piss on me?" in a sad little, desperate voice. I was immediately overcome with shame and embarrassment but I couldn't help it, I  was horny, she was naked, and the tub was perfect. 

She said something, I don't even remember exactly what it was, but it was a positive and she motioned me toward the tub. I quickly got up and practically sprinted over there. I placed several towels near the side of the tub for her use if she needed them and then proceeded to lay down on my back. The seats in the tub provided a great place for Miss H to stand over me. I was in awe of her sexy physique as she towered above me, her thighs spread wide and her pussy aimed directly at me. 

I noticed myself shivering, it wasn't because the tub was cold, but because of the sheer power and sense of dominance Miss H exuded as she towered above. She was totally in control of things and it totally put me into my submissive place. We had tried once before for me to recieve a golden shower from Miss H and while it was nice, the cramped conditions of our bathroom at home and the general first time nervousness of the situation made for a bit of an uneasy time.

This, was totally different, Miss H was in charge and I could see she felt it. There was no hesitation, no nervous laughter, just her standing above my naked, trembling body. "Are you ready, bitch?", she said as an after thought, a stream of her hot piss cascading down upon my chest. It was warm and it felt so good as it splashed across my chest and body, spraying over my cock as I furiously jerked off. She didn't say much, the smile on her face did all the talking for her.

After that initial spray I sat up and began to lick her, my tongue running over her clit as I could taste her piss, still softly dripping out of her. She took a minute to enjoy my tongue before pushing my head back slightly and steadying herself on the side of the tub. I knew what was coming next so I opened my mouth wide as I continued to jerk off like a total bitch in heat. 

The first little bit dribbled out of her before quickly becoming a flood as she was now peeing in and all over my mouth and face. I tried swallowing as much as I could but there was just so much and she was purposely spraying it all over my face, at one point pushing my head between her legs so she could piss down all over my head, her pee running down my face and pooling in the bottom of the tub. She was done all to soon however and I desperately lapped up every last drop from her pussy, crazing more of her warm liquids. I was allowed to lick her for another minute or so before she stepped out to clean off and finish getting dressed. I lay there in a pool of her piss, covered from head to toe in her spray, totally humiliated and at the same time horny as I'd ever been, "maybe again tomorrow night?" I said sheepishly.

She looked back and just smiled with an evil grin. 

This was going to be a vacation to remember.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Back from Vegas.

I had pretty high hopes for our trip to Vegas and it was, in a word, amazing. With out a doubt, the very best vacation/trip I've ever been on. It was both Miss H and I's first trip out there and although we were there for a week, it felt like time was running in fast forward. We've been back about a week now and I'm only just starting to feel like things are starting to return to normal, getting back into the daily grind of life and work, is a hard adjustment after the non-stop fun and excitement of Las Vegas. The suitcases have all been unloaded and put away, the pictures posted on Facebook, and the beautiful memories safely secured for reminiscing down the road, so it seemed like it was high time to get back to blogging again.

Miss H and I brought a number of various toys and outfits with us on our trip even though we weren't exactly sure how much "Mistress & sissy" time we were going to have. I brought several outfits, a couple things of lingerie, some shoes, a few sex toys (butt plug, ball gag, etc), diapers, and related items. I meant to get a pick, but I was so busy packing that it slipped my mind.  Suffice to say, when you're packing for "two", your male self and your sissy self, the amount of free space fills up quickly. I can only imagine what the airport screeners must have thought when my luggage went through.

I'm not totally sure of what all Miss H brought, I spied a few fun little items but because most of our time was spent doing the regular touristy Vegas stuff, I didn't get to experience everything she may have had planned. That's not to say we didn't get into some kinky fun, because we most certainly did, and I'll be posting all about it over the next few blog posts, but the sheer energy and thrill of Vegas kind of sweeps you up and keeps you pretty busy on it's own.