Saturday, November 9, 2013

A sissy in Sin City.

Our first night in Vegas was kind of subdued, after a long flight, and treking through McCarran airport and the rental car facility, we were kind of tired so we checked in to our room and took it easy. We settled in, got something to eat, took a walk around the casino and basically just tried to soak in the whole atmosphere of Las Vegas. The next day we hit the strip to check out some of the other casino's and sites and even stopped at a gun range to shoot some fully automatic weapons. Miss H actually got a pink camouflaged rifle, which I have to say made me a little jealous, but overall it was a great day.

We returned to our room later that night and Miss H decided she wanted to take a relaxing bath and chill out for a while. Our room was a suite at the Luxor and therefore had a huge tub right by the window. While it wasn't a strip view, more of a back view of the mountains and pool, the room itself was very nice. When I first told Miss H about the room and was in he process of booking it I mentioned all the amenities to Miss H and she loved it. What I didn't tell her was while I knew she would enjoy the tub, I also picked it because I had my own reasons for wanting a nice large bathtub.

As she was getting out of the tub that night and drying off, she allowed me to masturbate to her naked and completely gorgeous body.

I was so turned on and excited but was still kind of nervous to ask her something so I just sat there jerking off furiously as she watched me with a mix of amusement and disdain in her eyes. Being so excited to finally being able to touch myself again, I blurted out " please Mistress can you piss on me?" in a sad little, desperate voice. I was immediately overcome with shame and embarrassment but I couldn't help it, I  was horny, she was naked, and the tub was perfect. 

She said something, I don't even remember exactly what it was, but it was a positive and she motioned me toward the tub. I quickly got up and practically sprinted over there. I placed several towels near the side of the tub for her use if she needed them and then proceeded to lay down on my back. The seats in the tub provided a great place for Miss H to stand over me. I was in awe of her sexy physique as she towered above me, her thighs spread wide and her pussy aimed directly at me. 

I noticed myself shivering, it wasn't because the tub was cold, but because of the sheer power and sense of dominance Miss H exuded as she towered above. She was totally in control of things and it totally put me into my submissive place. We had tried once before for me to recieve a golden shower from Miss H and while it was nice, the cramped conditions of our bathroom at home and the general first time nervousness of the situation made for a bit of an uneasy time.

This, was totally different, Miss H was in charge and I could see she felt it. There was no hesitation, no nervous laughter, just her standing above my naked, trembling body. "Are you ready, bitch?", she said as an after thought, a stream of her hot piss cascading down upon my chest. It was warm and it felt so good as it splashed across my chest and body, spraying over my cock as I furiously jerked off. She didn't say much, the smile on her face did all the talking for her.

After that initial spray I sat up and began to lick her, my tongue running over her clit as I could taste her piss, still softly dripping out of her. She took a minute to enjoy my tongue before pushing my head back slightly and steadying herself on the side of the tub. I knew what was coming next so I opened my mouth wide as I continued to jerk off like a total bitch in heat. 

The first little bit dribbled out of her before quickly becoming a flood as she was now peeing in and all over my mouth and face. I tried swallowing as much as I could but there was just so much and she was purposely spraying it all over my face, at one point pushing my head between her legs so she could piss down all over my head, her pee running down my face and pooling in the bottom of the tub. She was done all to soon however and I desperately lapped up every last drop from her pussy, crazing more of her warm liquids. I was allowed to lick her for another minute or so before she stepped out to clean off and finish getting dressed. I lay there in a pool of her piss, covered from head to toe in her spray, totally humiliated and at the same time horny as I'd ever been, "maybe again tomorrow night?" I said sheepishly.

She looked back and just smiled with an evil grin. 

This was going to be a vacation to remember.


  1. OMG so hot! G and I have discussed my drinking her piss and her giving me a GS for months. She has teased me with the though on a few occasions too, but it has not happened...yet.

  2. I highly recommend it, it has such a way of putting a submissive in their place ;)