Monday, November 4, 2013

Back from Vegas.

I had pretty high hopes for our trip to Vegas and it was, in a word, amazing. With out a doubt, the very best vacation/trip I've ever been on. It was both Miss H and I's first trip out there and although we were there for a week, it felt like time was running in fast forward. We've been back about a week now and I'm only just starting to feel like things are starting to return to normal, getting back into the daily grind of life and work, is a hard adjustment after the non-stop fun and excitement of Las Vegas. The suitcases have all been unloaded and put away, the pictures posted on Facebook, and the beautiful memories safely secured for reminiscing down the road, so it seemed like it was high time to get back to blogging again.

Miss H and I brought a number of various toys and outfits with us on our trip even though we weren't exactly sure how much "Mistress & sissy" time we were going to have. I brought several outfits, a couple things of lingerie, some shoes, a few sex toys (butt plug, ball gag, etc), diapers, and related items. I meant to get a pick, but I was so busy packing that it slipped my mind.  Suffice to say, when you're packing for "two", your male self and your sissy self, the amount of free space fills up quickly. I can only imagine what the airport screeners must have thought when my luggage went through.

I'm not totally sure of what all Miss H brought, I spied a few fun little items but because most of our time was spent doing the regular touristy Vegas stuff, I didn't get to experience everything she may have had planned. That's not to say we didn't get into some kinky fun, because we most certainly did, and I'll be posting all about it over the next few blog posts, but the sheer energy and thrill of Vegas kind of sweeps you up and keeps you pretty busy on it's own.

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