Sunday, September 29, 2013

My latest diaper humiliation.

A few years ago I was on eBay seemingly 24/7 buying stuff, mainly of the kinky/cross dressing persuasion, and it was a lot of fun and a great way to get items that weren't easy to buy locally or that I wasn't willing to buy in person. For what ever reason my eBay use kind of trickled off until I had forgotten my login information and basically just let that account wither away and die. All of a sudden though I happen to be browsing the app store on my phone and saw an updated version of the eBay app had been released. Strictly out of curiosity I downloaded it and started browsing around.

Before long, and with the help of some specific keywords, I found a *lot* of new items I wanted to get. While my watchlist is about a mile long, one certain item I couldn't let wait and bought right on the spot. It's called a lockable PVC spreading diaper cover. Basically, it's like a standard pair of plastic diaper panties, it's meant to go on top of a diaper and provide extra leak protection and also a little extra humiliation. I already have a pink pair and they work great, but this one is different for several reasons -

1) It has belt loops around the top which allow you to run a chain through it and attach a lock to prevent the person from removing it and the diaper underneath. Obviously, a sharp knife or pair of scissors would allow you to cut it off and remove the diaper, but in the process you'd have destroyed a $50 fetish item and who ever locked you in there would be able to tell you've "escaped". Thus potentially getting you in more trouble then it's worth to remove it.

2) It has a huge, and I mean huge, length of padding sewn in to the interior running between the legs from front to back. This causes a noticeable waddle when you walk and adds a gigantic amount of girth to the diaper panties. If you like the super padded and thick diaper look (which I really do) then this thing is amazing. I already use several diapers at a time just to get the super full look, but when you add this in to the mix the results are extreme. There's no way to disguise the huge bulk this thing adds, I've worn diapers under my clothes numerous times but with this spreading diaper cover, it would be impossible to not be noticed ( or even fit in my clothes for that matter).

To see the listing for this thing, you can check it out here.  DISCLAIMER - I am in no way affiliated with the seller and recieve no compensation in any form for people that do/do not buy this item. I'm just a happy customer and thrilled with their product. They're located in Hungary so the shipping isn't cheap, but for such a one of a kind item, I think it's totally worth it.

Mine came in a few weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. It took under two weeks to arrive and I was mega excited when I saw the box sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work.

It kind of looks a bit peach colored in this picture but trust me, it's a nice, totally humiliating sissy pink color, all in glorious PVC. The fit is perfect and stretches to fit over even a few diapers and inserts at one time. I've only worn it once so far but it was awesome, not uncomfortable to wear even over night, yet so bulky that you could never forget your were wearing it, especially when walking. Can't wait to wear it more often. I'll try to post more pics in my next blog update.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sissy Socks

I have a *lot* of different clothes I have stocked away for when Miss H and I play. So many in fact that its kind of like Christmas when I pull out certain boxes because I find all sorts of new fun things to wear that I totally forgot I even had. These pink socks are a perfect example of that. I don't even remember buying them but when I found them I was thrilled, they're just so girly and slutty. Hope you like looking at them as much as I like wearing them...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kik messenger

I normally consider myself pretty tech savvy, I like to keep up with the newest and the greatest whether it be phones or software, but I'm totally behind the times when it comes to SnapChat and Kik messenger. I've heard of them before, usually when people are talking about what the "hot new thing" is but never really paid much attention to them. I read an article about how teens and early 20's are shifting from Facebook to SnapChat and Kik because all the "old" people are still living on FB.

Fast forward to today, I'm on Twitter this morning and I must have gotten like 4 separate messages from people asking for my Kik username or if I was interested in chatting through Kik. That was the breaking point so I finally downloaded it. If you're interested in getting in touch through there, my username is subslutchristie. I can't promise how much I'll be using it, but what the hell, I'm going to give it a try. I'm now running with the cool kids again. Rock on.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sissy's penis pump fun.

A few blog entries ago I posted a bunch of pics of a day I had off and was allowed to dress and play by Miss H. I only posted a handful of them and meant to post the rest over the next few days. That didn't quite happen because I totally forgot, I tend to do that a lot, so today seemed like a good day to try and catch up with some pics.

These particular pics all involve a penis pump. A sex toy I bought kind of as a joke and kind of because I wanted to try it. Now I realize that these things don't actually enlarge your cock but I have read that they're fun to play around with, and that I can attest too is true. The one I bought was like $10 but even it can provide a unique sensation when pumped up and the vacuum effect starts gripping your penis.

By itself it's not the best masturbation tool if cumming is your desired goal. While it feels nice and you can quickly pump it up and deflate it over and over again to try and orgasm, I've find it's much more effective in an orgasm denial type sense. I'll edge myself over and over again till I'm just dying to cum, to the point where I'm super sensitive and have to be really careful even touching myself for fear of cumming. That's when I'll give myself a minute or two to calm down and relax. Then I push my little cock into the pump and give it a few squeezes. It provides just enough sensation to feel really good and take me to the brink but not enough to make me squirt.

One to two pumps is usually enough, three is often times just pushing it and will result in an "accident". Even if I take a while between pumps I stay hard, mainly because I'm a horny little deviant, but also because the pressure inside helps maintain an erection. So when I want to torture myself I'll put on a porn video I like and after I'm inside the penis pump, just occasionally pump it up and release for a while. The limited pleasure from the pump being no match for the insane level of horniness I'm feeling inside and therefore driving me wild with frustration.

If that wasn't enough, as a final evil twist, the penis pump is a wonderful way to give yourself an absolutely wonderful (or horrible depending on your point of view) ruined orgasm. Pump it up slowly so you get just enough stimulation to reach the edge then squeeze one last time. The pressure inside the pump is *just* enough to push you over the top but because there's absolutely no more stimulation the orgasm is virtually destroyed and you simply spill slowly down the side of your cock, filling up the bottom of the pump, your head suddenly filled with shame as you look down to see yourself dressed like a whore, your cock stuck inside a cheap plastic tube filled with your sissy cum, as you try to somehow gracefully pull it off of yourself, get cleaned up, and try to forget that this is the man you've become.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fear, turn on, or both?

I personally don't spend all that much time on YouTube but every now and then I skim though and see if I can find anything interesting. I happened to be looking for sissy videos, what a surprise, and found a video called "Sissy Maid dress leaving hotel and getting in taxi" which you can watch yourself  here. The title pretty much says it all, there's no nudity or anything overly sexual about it but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was like watching a car crash, I couldn't look away no matter how much I wanted to.

A guy totally made up and wearing a pink sissy dress and heels simply leaves his hotel room and with video camera rolling travels down to the ground floor of the hotel, goes outside and catches a cab.  There's nothing wrong with the guy but he's obviously not trying to hide the fact of what's going on. It's one thing to dress in some nice subdued business casual type womens wear, quite another to wear a pure sissy outfit that is designed specifically to get people's attention.

The minute he opens his room door my heart starts racing because I can totally see myself in his cute little shoes (and have done things very similar in the past). He seems so calm in the video but I'm starting to freak out just watching this. My biggest fear is people making fun of me and thinking I'm a loser or something yet at the same time sexual humiliation is one of my biggest turn ons so these polar opposites have a tendency to mess with me emotionally.

Anyway, so I'm equal parts getting ready to go into a panic attack and dripping precum all inside my panties while the video plays on. Before long the empty hallways and elevators lead to a suddenly crowded hotel lobby and I can suddenly feel myself breathing much quicker, in short little bursts, as my body tenses up even more. You can hear people in the crowd say things but the guy keeps strutting on without missing a beat. I don't know why I'm getting so anxious but I cant help it and my cock is rock hard and twitching away as the video ends. It was a weird rush but the combination of terror and turn on was a winner and I wanted more. A few clicks later and found this one and especially this one which had my stomach in knots as a different sissy goes shopping.

Miss H knows I get off on public humiliation and just about any other type of humiliation for that matter, so when I sent her the link to the video she was quick to tease and threaten me about it. We're going to Vegas in October and she mentioned that it might be fun to try something like that and make our own video while we're there. Who knows if she'll actually go through with it, but I can already feel my blood pressure ticking upwards.