Sunday, September 29, 2013

My latest diaper humiliation.

A few years ago I was on eBay seemingly 24/7 buying stuff, mainly of the kinky/cross dressing persuasion, and it was a lot of fun and a great way to get items that weren't easy to buy locally or that I wasn't willing to buy in person. For what ever reason my eBay use kind of trickled off until I had forgotten my login information and basically just let that account wither away and die. All of a sudden though I happen to be browsing the app store on my phone and saw an updated version of the eBay app had been released. Strictly out of curiosity I downloaded it and started browsing around.

Before long, and with the help of some specific keywords, I found a *lot* of new items I wanted to get. While my watchlist is about a mile long, one certain item I couldn't let wait and bought right on the spot. It's called a lockable PVC spreading diaper cover. Basically, it's like a standard pair of plastic diaper panties, it's meant to go on top of a diaper and provide extra leak protection and also a little extra humiliation. I already have a pink pair and they work great, but this one is different for several reasons -

1) It has belt loops around the top which allow you to run a chain through it and attach a lock to prevent the person from removing it and the diaper underneath. Obviously, a sharp knife or pair of scissors would allow you to cut it off and remove the diaper, but in the process you'd have destroyed a $50 fetish item and who ever locked you in there would be able to tell you've "escaped". Thus potentially getting you in more trouble then it's worth to remove it.

2) It has a huge, and I mean huge, length of padding sewn in to the interior running between the legs from front to back. This causes a noticeable waddle when you walk and adds a gigantic amount of girth to the diaper panties. If you like the super padded and thick diaper look (which I really do) then this thing is amazing. I already use several diapers at a time just to get the super full look, but when you add this in to the mix the results are extreme. There's no way to disguise the huge bulk this thing adds, I've worn diapers under my clothes numerous times but with this spreading diaper cover, it would be impossible to not be noticed ( or even fit in my clothes for that matter).

To see the listing for this thing, you can check it out here.  DISCLAIMER - I am in no way affiliated with the seller and recieve no compensation in any form for people that do/do not buy this item. I'm just a happy customer and thrilled with their product. They're located in Hungary so the shipping isn't cheap, but for such a one of a kind item, I think it's totally worth it.

Mine came in a few weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. It took under two weeks to arrive and I was mega excited when I saw the box sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work.

It kind of looks a bit peach colored in this picture but trust me, it's a nice, totally humiliating sissy pink color, all in glorious PVC. The fit is perfect and stretches to fit over even a few diapers and inserts at one time. I've only worn it once so far but it was awesome, not uncomfortable to wear even over night, yet so bulky that you could never forget your were wearing it, especially when walking. Can't wait to wear it more often. I'll try to post more pics in my next blog update.

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  1. Hi sissy Christie,

    I'm new to your site but I am a sissy subby and I keep falling into (or maybe unconsciously seeking out) diapering scenes on sites at the moment. Im intrigued by this and your later post. I love the idea of the humiliation of being told its diaper time sissy, probably as punishment when I'm a big baby.

    you might like to see a drawing of a big baby I did last week that's on

    looks like delicious blush-making fun.

    lill jo