Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sissy's penis pump fun.

A few blog entries ago I posted a bunch of pics of a day I had off and was allowed to dress and play by Miss H. I only posted a handful of them and meant to post the rest over the next few days. That didn't quite happen because I totally forgot, I tend to do that a lot, so today seemed like a good day to try and catch up with some pics.

These particular pics all involve a penis pump. A sex toy I bought kind of as a joke and kind of because I wanted to try it. Now I realize that these things don't actually enlarge your cock but I have read that they're fun to play around with, and that I can attest too is true. The one I bought was like $10 but even it can provide a unique sensation when pumped up and the vacuum effect starts gripping your penis.

By itself it's not the best masturbation tool if cumming is your desired goal. While it feels nice and you can quickly pump it up and deflate it over and over again to try and orgasm, I've find it's much more effective in an orgasm denial type sense. I'll edge myself over and over again till I'm just dying to cum, to the point where I'm super sensitive and have to be really careful even touching myself for fear of cumming. That's when I'll give myself a minute or two to calm down and relax. Then I push my little cock into the pump and give it a few squeezes. It provides just enough sensation to feel really good and take me to the brink but not enough to make me squirt.

One to two pumps is usually enough, three is often times just pushing it and will result in an "accident". Even if I take a while between pumps I stay hard, mainly because I'm a horny little deviant, but also because the pressure inside helps maintain an erection. So when I want to torture myself I'll put on a porn video I like and after I'm inside the penis pump, just occasionally pump it up and release for a while. The limited pleasure from the pump being no match for the insane level of horniness I'm feeling inside and therefore driving me wild with frustration.

If that wasn't enough, as a final evil twist, the penis pump is a wonderful way to give yourself an absolutely wonderful (or horrible depending on your point of view) ruined orgasm. Pump it up slowly so you get just enough stimulation to reach the edge then squeeze one last time. The pressure inside the pump is *just* enough to push you over the top but because there's absolutely no more stimulation the orgasm is virtually destroyed and you simply spill slowly down the side of your cock, filling up the bottom of the pump, your head suddenly filled with shame as you look down to see yourself dressed like a whore, your cock stuck inside a cheap plastic tube filled with your sissy cum, as you try to somehow gracefully pull it off of yourself, get cleaned up, and try to forget that this is the man you've become.


  1. Wow, you have made a reasonable case for everyone to go buy one for themselves, or for a Mistress to buy one for Her sissy.

  2. Gorgeous! I too love the feeling of using a pump. And you look great!!