Monday, April 23, 2012

Puking is not sexy.

Today was going to be a good day, I had off and even though it's wet and nasty out from all the rain we got over the weekend, I had enough stuff I need to get done inside today that I figured I would be rather productive. So productive in fact that I was going to try and sneak in a little bit of dressing time today (with Miss H's permission of course). I mean if you have to be stuck inside, why not be stuck inside wearing a pretty little pink satin sissy dress or maybe a tight, shiny pvc outfit with matching platforms. What a wonderful way to spice up even the most dreary day.

But it was not to be, instead I woke up feeling like I was going to dry heave a lung out of my chest. Nauseous, and generally not wanting to get off the sofa was how the day has gone so far. I'm doing shots of Pepto like it's water and not exactly seeing any positive effects yet.

I do feel a bit better when I go into corpse mode and just lay perfectly still but it's driving me nuts because for some reason I'm just overly horny today and I'm dying for anything even remotely sexual. Tumblr, dressing, sexting with Miss H, etc. The mind is willing but the body is not even close to able. It's still early in the morning though so hopefully I'll feel better soon and the day won't be a total waste. Ugh, this sucks.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I generally prefer pink or black, occasionally white, but I thought I'd try something a little bit different. Hope you like them.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Like a bear, but not the furry, leather kind.

There's no real way to explain it any better then to just say I'm crazy horny right now. The kind of horny where just about anything is turning me on in a serious way. But the strange thing is that I'm not really sure if I like it or not. You see being horny all the time is fun when there's lots of sex stuff going on, teasing and denial, kinky talk, etc. However a sudden rush of horniness in the midst of a lull in the sexual action is more of like an itch you can't quite reach to scratch. The past week or two so has seen Miss H and I rather tame in terms of our sex play. When things go an extended period like that with out much kink I can't handle it and it's not a big deal.

After a few days of crushing horniness I tend to kind of "hibernate" for lack of a better term. Like a bear in winter my sex drive kind of slows down and sleeps until I reach a point where I'm horny, but at a level where there are plenty of other activities that can take up my time. When the spring comes, or in this case Miss H's hand returns to the cock, I spring to life and suddenly sex is all I can think of again. The past two nights Miss H has given me enough attention to get the fires stoked and burning but not enough to really enjoy things. Two nights ago it was some minor dry humping and masturbating me for a couple of minutes through my shorts. Last night I was allowed to stroke myself for exactly 7 minutes (she set a timer on her phone) while verbally abusing me. I was also made to use one of her shoes to masturbate with as another means to humiliate me.

So I'm once again all fired up but with no real chance of any real pleasure or relief. I feel like a starving man getting the slightest taste of a delicious meal. Not being fed is bad enough, but having to be constantly reminded of it makes it that much worse (or better in my case?). One the one hand if we're not going to play I'd almost prefer to totally put it on the back burner so I wouldn't have to think about what I'm not getting, but on the other I want it so bad that even a little taste is enough for me to do just about anything to earn it and want more.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick updates

The Phillies/Giants game is coming on soon so I'll have to make this short. So far the super glued CB-6000 cock cage is holding up quite nicely. I haven't changed my routine at all, still wearing it every day, and it's been humming right along. I'm always worried that I'm going to sit down to pee only to find the cage halfway hanging off but it remains nice and tight.

I've been thinking more and more about possibly trying one of the Birdlock brand cock cages, especially one of the smaller, tighter fitting models. Being made of silicone they seem like they might be pretty comfortable to wear. If any one has any experience with them feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. I'm going to do a little bit more research of my own over the next few days, but again, your thoughts and personal experiences are always welcome.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some baseball to sneak in before I head off to bed...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back in the CB-6000, but for how long?

Today is my first day back in my trusty, old CB-6000 after roughly a week or so of being confined with my older CB-2000. Instead of just tossing the old CB-6000 after one of the pin holes broke, I've finally gotten around to gluing it with some hard core super glue. I let it set for 24 hours and this morning I slipped it on for it's trial run.The verdict? Probably to early for a definitive answer but so far so good. It seems to be holding quite well and I think as long as I'm extra careful putting it on and taking it off it should hopefully have an extended life.

Eventually though it's only a matter of time before the repair fails or another part of the cage itself cracks. The plastic just isn't strong enough to survive the day to day rigors of wearing full time every day over a long period of time. Even before this recent crack, Miss H and I had already started talking about what we would if the CB-6000 broke. I personally like my current cage so I was torn between buying a new one or moving up to a more expensive and durable metal cage. Miss H is pretty open to whatever, as long as I can continue to wear it full time with out any major problems. 

Yesterday we took a day trip to New Hope, Pa so we could spend some much needed time together. It was a great day from start to finish, with wonderful weather, tons of cool stores to check out, and just the two of us having fun together. While we didn't pick New Hope specifically for this reason, visiting Le Chateau, was definitely a highlight. I've been there before but it's always nice to stop in and see what they have. For those unfamiliar with Le Chateau, it's a fetish wear/toy store that stocks everything from thigh high leather ballet boots to inflatable hoods and just about everything in between. They're far from cheap but the quality is very good and the service is wonderful.

While browsing the store we decided to check out their assortment of cock cages and weren't dissapointed, they had a number of different models and in talking to Miss H she seemed to prefer to metal version of the CB-3000 while I prefered the the ones that looked like a version of the "Gates of hell", with metal rings encircling and running down the length of the cock. I also liked metal tube type cages but Miss H wasn't a fan, she said she liked to see the cock and if it was hidden inside a sealed metal tube it didn't really do it for her. It was a discussion I'm sure we'll have again, but for now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that that this cage stays in working order for a little while longer.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to the CB-2000

I got home a couple of days ago, and having to pee pretty badly, went into the bathroom to sit down (it's much easier to pee in a cock cage when you sit, plus Miss H requires that I always sit to pee regardless of whether or not I have the cage on). While I was sitting there something didn't feel right, looking down between my legs I noticed the cage was hanging awkwardly ajar from it's usual tight position. One of the pin holes on the main ring had broken off and it was kind of just hanging there looking kind of sad. I was of course bummed out by the early demise of my CB-6000 and I'm sure Miss H wasn't going to be happy either. I txted her to let her know what had happened and while upset, she simply said to wear our much older CB-2000 in the mean time.

I wasn't to thrilled with going back to our old cage because after getting used to the style and comfort of the CB-6000, going to the earlier model was like going from a Lexus to a busted up old junker. The pins of the cage pointed in toward the body which leads to rubbing and aggravation, and the cage itself makes peeing an adventure every time as the bars make it difficult to line up your urethra. Miss H knew how much I didn't like the CB-2000 but said my dislike for it would provide good motivation to buy a new cage that was more comfortable.

I just got done trying to super glue the ring back together in hopes of saving myself the expense of a new CB-6000 so we'll have to see how that goes. I'm going to let it dry over night and give it a test try tomorrow after work. With any luck it will hold and I can go back to using it instead of this CB-2000 which I'm currently stuck in. If that doesn't work I'm not sure exactly what I'll do. Probably get another CB-6000 or maybe even the CB-6000s (shorter tube). I've thought about upgrading to a more serious, metal cage but I've got to talk that over with Miss H to see what she wants to do. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner fun

As far as kinks and fetishes go, I think I just about enjoy them all. Very few things are totally off the table for me except the biggies (kids, animals, etc). Some I don't really understand the attraction of, plushies and balloons for instance, but hey to each his/her own right? Food play is generally among those things I'm not big on, it just doesn't do it for me. Whipped cream on your lover, licking chocolate syrup off them, etc just seem so out of place in a sexual situation. To me it's like doing your taxes while fucking. I suppose you could do it, but why?

I bring up the whole food/sex thing because for some reason Miss H decided to be a bit devious the other night and do something a bit different. It was late, maybe 10pm or around then and we both decided to get a little late night snack. I chose a salad and in the process of making it I was suggesting in none to subtle ways that I was really horny and wanted to cum. Like a ninja she deftly deflected my advances as she seemed more focused on getting something to eat then paying any attention to me.

"It looks like you could use some dressing on that salad", she said with just a hint of evil in her voice. "I will, I've got some of that Newman's Parmesan Garlic left I'm going to finish off", I replied still oblivious to what she meant. "No, not that kind. Drop your pants", she said as she reached into the cabinet for a cup. Not finding the whole idea of "homeade" dressing a turn on I tried to weasel my way out of it but Miss H was having none of it. She placed the end of the cup near the tip of the cock and started furiously jerking me off. In a matter of seconds I was ready to cum and she quickly stopped, just in the nick of time to provide me with a ruined orgasm. The first attempt resulted in barely any cum so she resumed again and the second time I produced much more. The second ruined orgasm draining all of the cum from me.

"Now I'll be nice and let you mix the other salad dressing with yours", she laughed as she stood there waiting to see me pour the nasty concoction all over my salad. I did as I was told and we walked back to the bedroom together.

The salad itself wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be, the problem was the constant glances and smiles from Miss H as I had to eat it in front of her. She found it endlessly amusing to make little jokes and putdowns while I quickly tried to finish up the salad and get the ordeal over with it.