Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner fun

As far as kinks and fetishes go, I think I just about enjoy them all. Very few things are totally off the table for me except the biggies (kids, animals, etc). Some I don't really understand the attraction of, plushies and balloons for instance, but hey to each his/her own right? Food play is generally among those things I'm not big on, it just doesn't do it for me. Whipped cream on your lover, licking chocolate syrup off them, etc just seem so out of place in a sexual situation. To me it's like doing your taxes while fucking. I suppose you could do it, but why?

I bring up the whole food/sex thing because for some reason Miss H decided to be a bit devious the other night and do something a bit different. It was late, maybe 10pm or around then and we both decided to get a little late night snack. I chose a salad and in the process of making it I was suggesting in none to subtle ways that I was really horny and wanted to cum. Like a ninja she deftly deflected my advances as she seemed more focused on getting something to eat then paying any attention to me.

"It looks like you could use some dressing on that salad", she said with just a hint of evil in her voice. "I will, I've got some of that Newman's Parmesan Garlic left I'm going to finish off", I replied still oblivious to what she meant. "No, not that kind. Drop your pants", she said as she reached into the cabinet for a cup. Not finding the whole idea of "homeade" dressing a turn on I tried to weasel my way out of it but Miss H was having none of it. She placed the end of the cup near the tip of the cock and started furiously jerking me off. In a matter of seconds I was ready to cum and she quickly stopped, just in the nick of time to provide me with a ruined orgasm. The first attempt resulted in barely any cum so she resumed again and the second time I produced much more. The second ruined orgasm draining all of the cum from me.

"Now I'll be nice and let you mix the other salad dressing with yours", she laughed as she stood there waiting to see me pour the nasty concoction all over my salad. I did as I was told and we walked back to the bedroom together.

The salad itself wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be, the problem was the constant glances and smiles from Miss H as I had to eat it in front of her. She found it endlessly amusing to make little jokes and putdowns while I quickly tried to finish up the salad and get the ordeal over with it.

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