Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to the CB-2000

I got home a couple of days ago, and having to pee pretty badly, went into the bathroom to sit down (it's much easier to pee in a cock cage when you sit, plus Miss H requires that I always sit to pee regardless of whether or not I have the cage on). While I was sitting there something didn't feel right, looking down between my legs I noticed the cage was hanging awkwardly ajar from it's usual tight position. One of the pin holes on the main ring had broken off and it was kind of just hanging there looking kind of sad. I was of course bummed out by the early demise of my CB-6000 and I'm sure Miss H wasn't going to be happy either. I txted her to let her know what had happened and while upset, she simply said to wear our much older CB-2000 in the mean time.

I wasn't to thrilled with going back to our old cage because after getting used to the style and comfort of the CB-6000, going to the earlier model was like going from a Lexus to a busted up old junker. The pins of the cage pointed in toward the body which leads to rubbing and aggravation, and the cage itself makes peeing an adventure every time as the bars make it difficult to line up your urethra. Miss H knew how much I didn't like the CB-2000 but said my dislike for it would provide good motivation to buy a new cage that was more comfortable.

I just got done trying to super glue the ring back together in hopes of saving myself the expense of a new CB-6000 so we'll have to see how that goes. I'm going to let it dry over night and give it a test try tomorrow after work. With any luck it will hold and I can go back to using it instead of this CB-2000 which I'm currently stuck in. If that doesn't work I'm not sure exactly what I'll do. Probably get another CB-6000 or maybe even the CB-6000s (shorter tube). I've thought about upgrading to a more serious, metal cage but I've got to talk that over with Miss H to see what she wants to do. 

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