Friday, April 20, 2012

Like a bear, but not the furry, leather kind.

There's no real way to explain it any better then to just say I'm crazy horny right now. The kind of horny where just about anything is turning me on in a serious way. But the strange thing is that I'm not really sure if I like it or not. You see being horny all the time is fun when there's lots of sex stuff going on, teasing and denial, kinky talk, etc. However a sudden rush of horniness in the midst of a lull in the sexual action is more of like an itch you can't quite reach to scratch. The past week or two so has seen Miss H and I rather tame in terms of our sex play. When things go an extended period like that with out much kink I can't handle it and it's not a big deal.

After a few days of crushing horniness I tend to kind of "hibernate" for lack of a better term. Like a bear in winter my sex drive kind of slows down and sleeps until I reach a point where I'm horny, but at a level where there are plenty of other activities that can take up my time. When the spring comes, or in this case Miss H's hand returns to the cock, I spring to life and suddenly sex is all I can think of again. The past two nights Miss H has given me enough attention to get the fires stoked and burning but not enough to really enjoy things. Two nights ago it was some minor dry humping and masturbating me for a couple of minutes through my shorts. Last night I was allowed to stroke myself for exactly 7 minutes (she set a timer on her phone) while verbally abusing me. I was also made to use one of her shoes to masturbate with as another means to humiliate me.

So I'm once again all fired up but with no real chance of any real pleasure or relief. I feel like a starving man getting the slightest taste of a delicious meal. Not being fed is bad enough, but having to be constantly reminded of it makes it that much worse (or better in my case?). One the one hand if we're not going to play I'd almost prefer to totally put it on the back burner so I wouldn't have to think about what I'm not getting, but on the other I want it so bad that even a little taste is enough for me to do just about anything to earn it and want more.

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