Friday, March 30, 2012


A combination of an absolutely shit-tastic week at work and a new injury have kept the kink on the back burner this week, much to my dismay. The work thing is just a matter of dealing with a bunch of crap that will hopefully soon get better. The injury was an accidental byproduct of a recent spur of the moment tease and denial session by Miss H. While still in my cage she started running her hands around my waist, slowly working her way down till she was kind of masturbating me, or more accurately, the plastic cage encompassing the cock that she controls. She was making me crazy as she tormented me with details of what she wanted to do to me in the near future.

It was uncomfortable and even painful as my erection struggled against the unmoving plastic. It felt like either I was going to explode or the cage would splinter into a hail of shrapnel as I tried to get hard inside of it. I don't know about other cock cages, but with my CB-6000 when I try to get hard it immediately starts to yank pretty hard on my balls as the bottom ring is pulled up by my growing attempt at an erection. Then once I'm about as hard as the cage allows me, it starts to act like a cock ring, keeping me semi hard as the blood flow out is restricted. The ball tug alone isn't enough to cause a major problem except for the fact that it always ends up messing with my scrotum piercing and sissy dog tag attached to it. Invariably the ring and tag end up getting twisted in some ridiculous contortion. This time, for the first time, the tag itself actually slightly cut me, opening up about a 1/2 cm cut which I didn't even really notice till the next day when I saw the scab.

Although the piercing itself didn't look to bad, I knew I had annoyed it in some manner because it hurt and was letting out some white, pus type stuff which it tends to do when I play to rough with it. To help it heal I was allowed out of the cage for a while until it got better. Today it's looking a lot better and I'll probably be back to the reassuring comfort of the cage in another day or so. Its hard to imagine missing wearing a cock cage and giving up control of your orgasms, but I do. I miss the feeling of not being in control, the excitement of waiting for Miss H to release me, and just the little rush of doing something kinky that none of my co-workers or anyone else realizes I'm doing.

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