Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Denied once more

I've been caged again since this past Sunday morning and it was kind of like riding a bike again after a long lay off. Kind of wobbly to start but then back in a zone shortly afterwards. I had missed the feeling of security and comfort the cage provides. It's a weird feeling to explain to someone who isn't submissive and has never experienced it, but it's like a security blanket. Mentally it makes me feel good to have it on. It's like a photo in my wallet, a way to sort of carry around a reminder of Miss H with me where ever I go. Every time I have to sit to pee or yelp when the cage fights back another attempted erection makes me think of her. Physically there are a few things I don't miss, the occasional pinching of skin of the extra maintenance required to keep it clean but those are minor quibbles when it brings me so much joy in other ways.

Last night Miss H started in with a bit of dirty talk and of course within seconds I was grunting and groaning, partly from how turned on I was, and partly because the erection I was straining to achieve was becoming painful against the plastic cage. Beyond the initial pain of seemingly bursting through the openings of the cage, the device tends to act like a cock ring and maintain an erection longer then I would have liked based on the pain I was getting from my confinement. I'm thinking about dead puppies, old people fucking, anything to calm myself down and nothing was working. Miss H ushered me off to bed and even then it was still about 5 minutes before things chilled out enough to the point where I could totally relax.

I wanted out of the cage *big time* last night but Miss H was having none of it. She let me cuddle up with her for a few minutes, teased me mercilessly, and that was it. A condescending "sorry honey, not tonight", and she was through. One part of me was annoyed I didn't get what I wanted but the mental rush of really having my sexual pleasure back totally under her control was amazing. This wasn't her denying me because she thought I would enjoy it, but her denying me because she was simply tired and didn't give a shit about getting into things with me that night. There was no "gee, I'm really sorry, do you mind if we skip sex tonight?" or anything like that, it was purely a "my needs come first and I don't feel the slightest bit bad about it" mentality. Even though it's early, we're definitely back on our way to a full FLR relationship. I'm in heaven.

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