Sunday, March 25, 2012

Needle play

Over the past year or two there have been a lot of changes in my views of certain kinks. Things that I wasn't necessarily grossed out by but was at best neutral about have now come full circle. Diapers being a perfect example of that to just mention one. A lot of that has to do with realizing that emotions like fear and humiliation play a huge role in determining what really turns me on. Fear particularly provides a rush of adrenaline and sexual excitement that few things can match. Things that I normally don't associate with my regular kinks like catheter play or needles don't turn me on because of the feelings of pleasure they may provide, but by the emotional head fuck they bring.

I bought a small box of surgical needles on Amazon a few months ago on a total whim (odd thing to by impulsively, I realize) and they've been sitting in our closet unused ever since. Last night Miss H and I were in the mood to play so while I was getting together some toys that we could use I saw the box of needles and decided to grab one. It was a relatively small needle, a 25 guage, and about an inch long, but it looked menacing enough. I wasn't going to push it to much on Miss H, instead I just mentioned that I grabbed one and left it on the dresser by the bed.

One thing led to another and about an hour into things Miss H had me dressed, butt plug in ass, and laying on my back while she stroked the cock with her gloved hand. She didn't say much but I knew she was getting ready to use the needle. Having had my scrotum pierced a long time ago I'm familiar with a needle piercing me down there, but that was a quick push and it was done. This was going to be different. I tried to get all zen like by having slow, controlled breathing but I was still pretty nervous. I kept waiting for that huge stinging pain but I never really felt that.

To be perfectly honest, I suppose you can say I cheated a little bit because Miss H had previously applied the penis numbing gel to the cock so she could ride me (more on that in my next blog post) so I think when she was playing with my balls before using the needle it may have numbed up the area to a certain degree. That being said some combination of that and Miss H's expert technique made it virtually painless. In fact I was still laying there preparing for the worst when Miss H put her phone in front of my face and showed me the following pic.

The needle had been in for almost a full minute and I hadn't even noticed. I quickly sat up and looked down between my legs and was amazed at what I saw. Here I was with a needle stuck through my scrotum and it was just sitting there, no pain, no blood, nothing. 

After another minute or so she carefully removed it. I was expecting perhaps a little blood, but again there wasn't anything. Miss H seemed to enjoy the whole process as she mentioned how it it would be cool to see a bunch of needles in there instead of just the one the next time we do it. Then this evening she brought it up again, this time saying how she thought it would be cool to run rows of needles up each side then connect them with string to form a little mini corset type creation. 

I'm already looking forward to next time but now I'm a tad worried about how it will feel without any numbing stuff. Of course that only makes the anticipation that much more intense, and just makes me that much more horny when I think about it. I'm glad I still have 99 needles left in the box, wonder how long they'll last now though... 

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