Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Busy is kind of an understatement, the past week has been crazy busy with family functions, a new job title (and all that encompasses), and the daily rigors of day to day life. I'm going to try an update in the next day or so with a bunch of new pics Miss H and I took last weekend. I finally got to be back in diapers and a dress so that was a long wished for relief and couldn't come soon enough.

Miss H has kept me in my cock cage full time since last Sunday with virtually no "playing" at all. In the past she would tease me almost every night either with her hand or just allowing me to dry hump her leg or ass. So far that hasn't been the case and it's throwing me for a loop. It's hot that she's so in control and more dominant, but damn, I'm getting desperate here and the lack of teasing is a bummer. I'd love to expand and write more but typing this on my phone is getting tiresome and I've unfortunately got to get back to work.


  1. Her Grace and i follow Miss H and you in both of your blogs, and it's scary how closely your FLR and ours are in sync!

    Unfortunately, i do not share your love of diapers. Her Grace has decided that as a humiliation, i will be getting a pacifier and depends for the next time i need a good ball snapping.

    Love you guys and totally inspired by both of you!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, and please stay in touch, it's nice to hear from a kindred spirit ;)

  3. I am so jealous
    I get to wear nappies but its never forced.