Monday, March 5, 2012

Final blog writing assignment

As the title says, this is the last writing assignment Miss H has given me while she's out of town on business. There's no real topic today, she said I was free to write about what ever it is I want so I figured I would switch things up from the sort of deep emotional posts I've made over the past few days and instead go for something more visual and physical. One of Miss H's orders for when I was by myself this past weekend was to be dressed from early Saturday night all the way to Sunday morning.  I could anything I wanted to while dressed with the following rules in effect - 

  1. I was allowed to drink if I wanted, I just need to txt her for permission before each shot I chose to take.
  2. Along with dressing I was required to paint my nails, wear one of my wigs, and put on full makeup.
  3. I was allowed to masturbate as much as I wanted to but at no time was I allowed to cum.
  4. I had to send her a picture at 11pm showing that I was doing as told.
I chose a shiny, slick, white skirt, a dark pink top, white stockings and platforms, a shoulder length blonde wig, and of course some slutty makeup to match. I was a little nervous getting dressed again after being away from it for nearly a month but after the first shot of Everclear (yes, I know that's what poor college kids and the homeless drink, but I don't care) miraculously found myself crazy horny and ready to jump into just about anything.

I started out just casually doing some house keeping with my FetLife account, answering some messages, adding new friends, and so on. I played around on Twitter for a while then when I started to feel the precum leaking down my leg I couldn't help myself any longer and started to masturbate. Slow and gently at first, not wanting to get to excited and have an accident. Spent a good 45 minutes on Tumblr just reblogging and jerking off to pictures I liked. Then moved on to the huge stash of porn I have on my laptop and continued the fun there. A few more shots ensued and I was going nuts, hyper horny and unable to do much about it.

Just for kicks I checked out Craigslist to see what kind of crazy personal ads were posted. Not that I was going to respond to them or anything like that without Miss H around but it was an amusing way to kill a half hour or so. Then it just became a vicious cycle of masturbating, tweeting, checking FetLife, going on Tumblr, seeing what's on the web, and then all over again. I eventually stopped long enough to change outfits before getting right back to it. There was more then one time where I was so horny I thought about cheating and just letting myself cum. I could have done that and never told Miss H. After all she would have never known. But the problem is, I would know, and if she can't trust me to do what she says then that's a kind of Dom/sub bond I've broken. So instead I just kept on doing what I was doing, trying to fill an insatiable desire that won't be quenched again for a very, very long time if Miss H has anything to say about it.

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