Sunday, March 18, 2012

The diapering gets more strict

Miss H is well aware that diapers are one of the most effective means of humiliating me and just crushing me emotionally. The mere mention of the word both gets me dripping wet in my panties and cringing in shame to the point where I want to run off and hide in a hole somewhere. It's the that emotional edge that just seems to do it for me and Miss H plays me like a finely tuned musical instrument with them. Recently she's started introducing them more and more often into our life, both during kinky play and occasionally during the most mundane times just to mess with my head and make we wallow in the love/hate relationship I have with being diapered. Like most other things with our sex life, new kinks start out slow, then once it becomes more comfortable it quickly picks up the pace and gets taken to levels neither of us had originally intended. That's a good thing by the way ;)

In terms of diapers, that means they becoming much more common place. If she doesn't feel like engaging in any type of sexual contact at all, she might just order me into a diaper as they make effective, if only temporary chastity devices. No way to get any real type of easy access to the cock when it's neatly trapped behind layer after layer of thick padded diapers. If I get to "bossy" or start acting up, a diaper is perfect for knocking down that attitude a few pegs. Or even just to simply reinforce my sissy status, a good diapering does wonders.

Last night was a new first when it comes to me being in diapers and it was both deliciously exciting and dreadfully embarrassing, just how I like it. Normally Miss H will put me in a diaper before bed if we've been playing and I'm to wear it until I have to use it. At which point I'm to ask Miss H for permission to pee in the diaper while she watches (she knows it utterly humiliates me to have to do it while she's watching me). Then I'm allowed to go into the bathroom, remove it, and shower. The shame ends, I can go back to telling myself that I'm not actually a perverted little fuck who gets off being a diapered sissy, and life marches on. This time though it was about 5am when I woke up with an overwhelming need to pee so I gently awoke Miss H, asked for permission and when I was done got ready to get up to go change.

"Not so fast, you can keep that on till 9am. It's only four hours so that shouldn't be to bad", she said with a chuckle as she then rolled back over to go to sleep. I sighed slightly under my breath and returned to bed. I wasn't worried about a leak, there were so many layers of padding and plastic panties on top that a gallon of water wouldn't have been able to make it through that level of protection, but the thought of having to be like that made me curl up into a ball under the covers, hoping Miss H wouldn't have to look at me in this sad, pathetic state of affairs. Around 7:20am I had to go again and had to complete my ritual again, asking for permission, dealing with the humiliation and wetting that same diaper once more. The only good thing that physically at least, it wasn't really all that uncomfortable or wet surprisingly. The diapers had done a wonderful job of keeping me dry, or at least much dryer then I had expected.

Finally when the time came I was allowed to head into the bathroom and change, but not before I had to go one last time (it probably would have been smart to cut down on all the water I drank all night but to be fair I wasn't expecting to be diapered so I wasn't really prepared). I could have just waited until I was in the bathroom, taken things off like I was then allowed to, and peed, but instead I did it in the diaper one last time. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't want to "cheat" or just because pissing in their diapers is what sissy diaper bitches do, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to degrade myself once more.


  1. You should be happy that Mistress does not make you beg to be put into diapers.

  2. I usually like being in them unless it's a very public place then I get a bit nervous which is what I think Miss H enjoys so much.

  3. If you were truly an obedient slave, rather than "topping from the bottom", you would be put into diapers permanently. The best way to keep a submissive in their place is to remove that which is most personal and intimate to them. Taking away a slave's ability to dictate when, where, and how they eliminate is the most effective way for keeping them in their position as a subordinate - serving only their master. You are just a toy and should be in your diapers at all times, and you know it.

  4. I do know it, and I would love full time diapering, just don't know if it's in the cards right now though :(