Friday, October 4, 2013

Corset training.

I always seem to be stumbling upon some new kinky fetish that suddenly piques my interest and before long becomes a mainstay in what gets me off. Diapers, piss play, strap-ons, extreme humiliation, all began as a "hmm, that sounds kind of interesting", and now are engrained fantasies in my sick little twisted mind. My newest curiosity is corsets and corset training. I've always loved the look of a corset on a woman, how it accentuates her natural curves, making everything more pronounced, and generally just sexy as hell looking. I've always prefered the corset in black and always shiny, either pvc or leather because they further instill the look of a hard, dominant Mistress.

I never really thought much of wearing one myself which may seem odd, because I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time imagining myself in just about every type of female clothing you can think of. Well a few weeks ago I was browsing Amazon looking for some new pink lingerie when I happened to notice their suggestions for other similar products, one of which was a corset. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and started checking it out. Then checking out other corsets in other materials and designs. Before long I was hooked and knew that I really wanted to get one.

While I think I'll enjoy the way it will look on me, a big part of why I want to get one is more for the bondage/humiliation aspect then because of fashion. The idea of being tied in super tight to a restrictive corset is a huge turn on, the feeling of confinement and enclosure makes me all excited just thinking about it. Every movement becomes a subtle reminder of wearing it as it presses and holds you tight. That also kind of ties into the humiliation aspect, being made to wear it under my regular work clothes, knowing that Miss H is making me wear it, scared that a coworker might find out. The pain and discomfort of it laced in to the max, never letting me forget what I endure for her.

Damn, I really need to get a corset. Fast.

So as I was saying earlier, I've always like the black, dominant corsets but unfortunately, I'm a sissy and that probably wouldn't look right on me now would it. Instead I thought pink or white would be better, much more girly and submissive to match my personality. A good pink one was hard to find either on Amazon or anywhere else. They were always either the wrong material, wrong cut, way to expensive, or not a true corset with steel boning, etc. A white corset was much easier to find so I think I'm going to go with one that looks almost exactly like this.

It's about $100 and it's made of a satin and has full metal boning in it and is supposed to shrink your waist up to 6-7" with practice and proper training. I think it's going to look great with some white lingerie and shoes tucked beneath my pink satin sissy dress with full crinoline. The only decision is, do I buy it now or wait till Christmas and hope Santa brings it.

P.S. If anyone has any experience with corsets and corset training please feel free to drop me a line, I'm always up for getting advice or suggestions, thanks!



  1. I'm sorry I hadn't seen your blog a couple of months ago. I'm a TV sissy, and Vegas resident.