Sunday, November 10, 2013

A sissy in Sin City part 2

Our next day in Vegas consisted of, among other things, a trip to the Erotic Heritage Museum which I had a Groupon for. The museum was off the strip, in the downtown area. We go there right when they opened and it wasn't crowded at all which was good because it gave us time to explore by ourselves.

The museum itself is actually very cool and quite interesting, with tons of displays and exhibits. Both Miss H and I really enjoyed it and totally recommend it. It only takes an hour or so to go through so it's the perfect quick trip idea.

One of the things that was really cool was, of all things, the bathroom. When we first got to the museum the guy at the desk mentioned there were several bathrooms and that we should definitely stop at the one near the Hustler exhibit. He said don't forget to grab a marker and sign it when you get there. I really didn't pay much attention to it until we walked in.

Just like he said, there was a cup filled with different colored markers right outside the door and people were leaving a never ending assortment of signatures, comments, and everything else. Miss H signed for us then went over and pushed the bathroom door closed behind me. "It seems kind of appropriate since we're here, don't you think?", she said as she lowered her jeans and bent over the sink. "Now get over here and lick my asshole, sissy", she commanded. I eagerly dove to my knees and spread her ass cheeks with my hands as I pushed my tongue into her ass. 

Worshiping Miss H's ass is one of my favorite things in the world and to be given the chance to do it in a public setting like this was amazing. I tongued and licked like a madman, desperate to get as far as I could inside her. I was already hard from viewing the other exhibits earlier, and this only made me more so. I felt a slight tingle in my panties and a feeling of wetness but didn't think much of it and kept going at Miss H's ass with abondan. I assumed I was just getting turned on and leaking pre-cum everywhere. Miss H let go of the back of my head and pushed me away. "Ok, that's enough for now", she said as we both got up and started to pull ourselves back together. 

I looked down and started to see a small spot of wetness by the crotch area of my shorts. They were a light tan so they tended to leak through when I had a lot of pre-cum in my panties. As I pulled the shorts out flat though I literally gasped, the whole front crotch of my shorts were soaked. I tend to have a lot of pre-cum but this was insane. I had a wet spot at least three inches wide, smack dab in the middle of my shorts. I quickly stuck my hand in my panties and was horrified by what I felt, a huge load of watery cum. It wasn't as thick as it normally is when I cum, but there was copious amounts everywhere. I grabbed a paper towel and tried to get as much of it out as I could but the damage was done.

Now being in chastity and continually teased and denied, Miss H and I have clearly seen a big decline in my sexual stamina, but that was a first. I felt like Jim from American Pie where he cums so quick with that hot chick.


Not only did I not even receive any pleasure from this super fast premature ejaculation, I barely felt it happening in the first place. Miss H didn't seem to upset, if anything she was enjoying my humiliation and freak out that people might see me like this. She let out a chuckle and then simply went back to looking at some of the exhibits. I on the other hand tried everything I could think of to clean up/hide/not die from embarrassment. I mean if it happens in the food store people might think you just spilled something on yourself, but at a sex museum full of porn and sex toys? That draws an entirely different conclusion.

Well, I guess you add that to those Vegas memories that we'll never forget...


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