Sunday, January 30, 2011

A weird feeling

Tonight is technically speaking the first of what looks to be an indeterminate period of chastity for me. Normally just the thought of that gets me rock hard and wet. So it was rather strange that when I got an email from Mistress today describing how she wanted me to prepare I initially wasn't all that excited. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I just came late the night before and therefore being freshly drained of cum, I wasn't all that overly horny today. I wasn't really into my "subspace" anymore and was perfectly happy just going about my business today without any real thought given to chastity, dressing, or anything of the like for that matter.

The instructions she emailed me were as follows - Read this blog article on chastity and then when I got home to immediately put on my CB-2000 chastity device before doing anything else. Naturally I did just as she asked but just didn't feel into like I normally do. I'm eagerly Miss H's slave when I'm super horny, so being a good slave means knowing your role and acting on it regardless of whether I'm super turned on or not in the mood at all. So as I was locking on the padlock to the cage that thought ran through my mind and something about it suddenly got me dripping with pre-cum.

Here I was, not at all horny, concerned more with what was on TV tonight then getting aroused by obeying my Mistress's commands, and then it hit me. I'm so devoted to her as a slave that I didn't even question not doing it. The level of control she's building over me is growing with each passing day and that power is intoxicating. It's one thing to act the part of a submissive as you play around during a bout of passion in the bedroom, it's another to be tired, bored, and uninterested and yet without a second thought lock down your cock in a cage and be prepared to do any number of other humiliating and degrading things that your Mistress might order you to.

I can feel my cock starting to strain against the plastic bars of the cage. I can feel the wetness dripping from the tip of my cock. I can feel the desire starting to build deep within me. I can feel my heart pumping ever faster. It's going to be a long few months...


  1. i see your clock got reset. couldnt the little sissy keep from cumming lolol

  2. Mistress let me cum but not in the way I really wanted to :( More info coming up in my next blog post.

  3. oh you are going to have an exciting time. I can't wait to hear about it. Don't you just love the taste of your precum!

  4. thanks Dee, and yes, it's delicious!