Friday, May 11, 2012

Tomorrow night.

As with virtually every other adult in the world, Miss H and I never seem to have enough time to spend together. Whether it's work, social obligations or just doing the laundry, we never have as much free time as we'd like to just chill out and have some good, dirty, kinky fun. The past week or two has been especially rough because I had a bunch of stuff I needed to do for work so that pretty much sucked up the entire weekend last week and the rest of the time was filled with everything else imaginable that kept us from really being together. The lack of kink time has had me alternating between frustrated (not the fun sexual kind either) and kind of bummed out. To be honest we did sneak in a quick bit of bondage fun last Saturday night but, selfishly perhaps, I'm dying for so much more.

That's why I'm so amped about Saturday night, nothing on the calendar except the two of us, maybe a few drinks, and hopefully a night of mind bending kink. I'm trying not to get to overly excited about it because I have a bad tendency to get so hyped up for upcoming events (a three day weekend, a new movie I've been waiting to see, etc) that no matter how good it ends up being, my expectations were so sky high that it ends up feeling like a huge disappointment. Then because I feel let down, I start looking ahead to the next big event and focusing on that, again ramping up the hype and continuing the cycle over and over again.

The other problem is that because we don't necessarily engage in as much kink/fetish play as I would like, when we do play it never seems enough. For instance, Miss H might do an amazing tease and denial session that will easily go for thirty minutes or even a whole hour. Mercilessly alternating between crushing verbal abuse and humiliation and teasing the cock with her hand. She'll end things and all I can do is beg for more. It seems like it's been five minutes but when I look at the clock it shocks me how long she's really been at it. She likes to say that when I'm in chastity there's no end for me. If we were a regular, vanilla couple, we would have sex and when I came, that would kind of be the signal that we were done. I'd be exhausted and done, Miss H would have a clear sign that the activities were over and that would be that. With tease and denial there really isn't and end until Miss H says so and at that point I'm at the ultimate peak of horniness so stopping seems like the worst torture imaginable so naturally I beg for more.

Hopefully things work out because I think both of us need a night to just relax, get turned on, enjoy each others company and connect again in a way we haven't in a long while. I'll fire up an update on the blog in the next few days to let you know how it went.


  1. Hello, I have been lurking for months and enjoy your blog a lot. You often speak of the severe verbal abuse you get and how it affects you. Has there been a post that tells what kinds specific of things are said to you and your exact feelings at hearing them?

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. I haven't done a blog post like that yet but that's an excellent idea. I'll try to make one of my next few posts cover that topic. Thanks for the inspiration!