Friday, May 18, 2012

Waiting patiently.

I am just going absolutely crazy horny the past few days. The phrase, "the grass is always greener on the other side comes to mind", because now that I definitely can't have any sex at least for the next week or so due to the injury to the penis, it's all I seem to think about. For the first day or so I was so concerned that I had a blood clot or something that would end up killing me I didn't focus on the whole lack of sex thing that much. Now that I seem to be healed for the most part and just on some extended rest, I'm going stir crazy.

Not one to make the situation any easier Miss H decided to lay out on the bed wearing nothing more then a skimpy top and a pair of yoga pants which oh so accentuated her gorgeous ass. I couldn't help myself so I carefully walked up behind her and gently kissed her ass through the pants. She didn't object so I continued on, massaging her legs and kissing her ass before pulling the pants down and slowly working my tongue around and into her ass. This continued for a few more minutes until I just couldn't take it anymore and got up to walk away in order to calm down and relax. Miss H just laughed and went back to playing on her Kindle Fire. In my rush to get out of the bedroom I had forgotten to pull her pants back up, so when I walked past the door a short while later she was still there on the bed, pants still down and her ass just begging to be kissed and worshiped even more. I was soon back between her legs tonguing her while my hands ran the length of her body. I was dripping wet and dangerously close to going farther then I should so once again I stopped and retreated. Miss H paid me no mind and just kept on playing with her Kindle.

This repeated itself at least three or four more times before I had to just almost barricade myself in another room and turn on the Phillies game to try and cool off. I want more but I know I shouldn't. I keep telling myself to think of the big picture, I don't want to jeopardize what is an amazingly fast recovery of the penis, but the urges are just getting stronger and stronger. I'm actually getting kind of hungry and want to head into the kitchen for a snack but the sight of her on the bed is only going to start things up again. 

I really need to cum and blow off some of this pent up "energy"


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