Friday, December 14, 2012

New writing assignment

Every now and then Miss H will give me a particular topic she wants me to blog about. Sometimes it's just to get some new posts up (I get a bit busy, or more specifically, a bit lazy with writing new posts on occasion), and other times it's more of a therapeutic thing. We'll have an issue that causing friction between us on some level and being someone who can often be rather tight lipped with their emotions and feelings, I kind of clam up and shut down any attempt at a discussion to work things out. It's not my best personality trait, and I try to work on it, but it has an ugly tendency to rear up and get in the way of things.

Over the past two weeks or so Miss H have been like a little old married couple. We love each other but any sexual enthusiasm has been sputtering. There have been the usual factors, stress at work, "family" type worries and minor issues, and just the general hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It's not like it was one event, that caused it or was keeping it going, it just seems like it was a whole parade of things that just had the worst possible timing at every turn.

First I got a wicked stomach bug at work that put me totally out of commission for three or four days. Then a close family member got it from me so Miss H and I spent a good deal of time taking care of them. Miss H was teetering on the edge of getting it for several days, she was run down and tired and was dangerously close to getting a full on "wraith of god" type bug until she too finally succumb to it herself a few days ago. Between all the puking and wishing for death, sex or kink isn't high on the priority list so it took a back seat. This unfortunately came after an earlier sex dry spell we had so it had the added effect of magnifying our lack of play and making our sex life rather dead and boring.

To make matters worse, I think I'm getting a touch of SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. I'm not usually a hypochondriac but for some reason it just seems like every winter until about mid-march I just feel like I'm constantly in a total funk. Once the spring and nice weather returns I'm back and full of energy but until then these early sunrises are killing me. The dark mornings and dark nights just make me want to crawl up into a ball on the sofa and not move again until the weather improves. I should take a hint from the groundhogs and just hibernate until April.

I don't know, maybe I'm just being overly dramatic.There have been plenty of times in the past weeks that I've not only been in the mood to get kinky with Miss H but downright rabid dog type horny, but it's like our sexual moods are always just on different calendars. When I'm horny, she's not feeling well, when she's horny, I'm exhausted from a rough day at work. When we're both horny a family issue will pop up and suck the time right away from us. We need like a week off from work and life to just recalibrate and get our sex drives back in the same gear.

I know I love her and find her incredibly sexy and I hope she feels the same about me so I'm not really worried that there's any core problem we have to work on, I think it's just making an effort to find time and the right head space to get back into doing what we both love. In other words being a crazy, kinky couple.

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  1. don't you wish that real life would just sometimes disappear and let you get on with your "real life" !!!

    i hear your pain, and send some sisterly hugs