Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back in diapers

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be on Amazon buying some Christmas presents for friends and family. While I was clicking and buying like a mad man I took a minute to check out my own "private" wishlist I had made on the site. Only Miss H and I can see and it provides an excellent way to keep track of future purchases I want to make and gifts I would like to receive. Most of the items on the list aren't exactly what you'd call impulse items, a $500 straight jacket or a $100 pair of platform boots for instance, but one item did catch my eye. A pair of pastel pink, size medium, plastic diaper panties for around $20. I've been eying them for a while and kept telling myself that "next time" I would finally get them. That next time finally happened.

Usually if I see them, I would pass on buying them because I was kind of embarrassed to get them or just didn't feel they were worth it when I still had a mortgage and tons of other bills to take care of first. This time though, with a raging hard on in my panties and an online shopping cart already stuffed with purchases, adding one last item for myself didn't seem like such a bad idea after all.

The packages came in the mail a few short days later. I'll save you the boredom of looking through images of books, movies, and the rest of the vanilla stuff and instead get right to the good stuff...

The color was a little too subtle for my taste, I'd have preferred a bright sissy pink as opposed to the very soft pink of the plastic, but overall it wasn't to bad. I got a size medium because with my first pair of plastic diaper panties I got a size large thinking that with all the extra padding of multiple diapers that a size medium (my normal clothing size) would be way to small. It turned out that the large was big even when Miss H super stuffed in diaper upon diaper. It was still useable, just a bit baggy and not as snug as it could have been. The size medium is almost perfect, tight around the legs to stop any leaks, yet big enough around the waist where I could easily accommodate a whole other diaper or two packed around my current diaper setup if she really wanted to make me waddle and keep me diapered for an extended period of time without changing me.

While we didn't really pack them in last night, we did get to get take the new plastic panties for a test drive and I love them. 

They do look a big white in the picture but I think that's partially due to the coloring of the photo and also because they're semi transparent and the thick diaper directly underneath them is white as well. At some point I'll probably try to get another pair that is a very dark pink and maybe isn't so clear, but for now I hope to get many, many more opportunities to enjoy the pair I have ;)


  1. A great feeling isn't it ? I love putting mine on then really filling my diaper with baby oil and gobs of Vaseline. I usually cum without even touching, the resulting mixture is intoxicating.

  2. That sounds amazing, I love it when I get so turned on in my diaper that I'm leaking pre-cum everywhere. It becomes like a lubricant and makes all the thrusting and dry humping that much better.