Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back with a vengeance

After what's been a roughly two week patch without any real kink or FLR type activity going on, Miss H and I finally got two seconds to breath last night and had a chance to play. The reason for our "pause" in the FLR isn't because of anything bad at all, in fact it was due to something really wonderful and amazing (I'll catch you up with a more in depth explanation later, running really short on time right now). Last night though really rekindled the kinky fires however.

To be honest I was in kind of a hum-drum mood about the idea of playing yesterday, initially at least. It's not that I didn't want to as much as I just felt it could go either way. If we played, great. If we don't, that's cool too because I have a bunch of other things I needed to do also. Once we got into though, I couldn't believe how good it felt on so many levels. The raging, almost obsessive desire to cum came back like a runaway freight train. Miss H of course didn't let me cum, just tease me for a while before tucking me away in a dress, diapers, and a leather hood. I woke up this morning horny as hell, which is something that hasn't happened in a while. Now, I'm sitting here blogging, tweeting, Tumbling, and do just about anything possible to try to quench a virtually insatiable desire to cum. Something that won't be happening thanks to the cock cage and Miss H's apparent complete lack of interest in having me cum again any time soon.

More to come....

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