Thursday, October 11, 2012

Health update

Just a quick pop in post to keep everyone apprised of my scrotum health, because after all, who isn't concerned with the status of my nuts ;) I got a scrotal ultrasound about two weeks ago and it was kind of nerve wracking, not because I was worried about the actual procedure, but because I was concerned that Miss H might make me do something embarrassing just to mess with me. She had joked about perhaps making me paint my nails before going to get the ultrasound. Luckily she didn't do anything of the sort and the whole thing went just fine.

They said it would take a few days for my Dr. to get the results so I figured when the Dr. got the results he would check it out and let me know what the next step was. Fast forward a week and a half and still no reply from the doctor so I give him a call. The receptionist takes my name and number and says someone will get back to me. Later that day a nurse calls and says the ultrasound showed epididymitis (which he had previously said I didn't have) and they were calling in a prescription for Cipro to my pharmacy.

I'm not holding out hope for the antibiotics to do much but we shall see. Miss H and I are going to be pretty busy this weekend but we may be able to squeeze in some time to play, I know I could use a nice diapering or maybe slipping into some nice long, tight boots.

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