Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I think I broke myself.

So although Miss H and I seem to be back on the same page in terms of our FLR and sex life in general, we hit an unexpected snag that is temporarily putting a hold on things. It seems as though Miss H's cock looks like it just got ran over by a bus. A mental image I'm sure you're happy to be envisioning right now. The problem arose for two reasons - 1) Miss H wore a sexy pair of fishnet type panties & 2) I spent an inordinate amount of time dry humping her ass.

I guess I was so horny that the pain from the excessive rubbing didn't register at the time. It was only the next morning when I wandered into the shower still half asleep and felt that first rush of hot water did I almost yell out in pain. Looking down I could see wide patches of angry red looking skin all along the shaft and head. The fishnet panties with their ridges, while extremely attractive, also served to act like sandpaper, grinding against that sensitive flesh and making a mess of things.

It feels a little better now but taking a shower is no joy. The redness is there as well but there are no open areas on the skin so I think I should be fine as long as I take it easy and let it heal up over the next few days. Of course that's becoming increasingly difficult as Miss H is back into her tease and denial mode. It's almost like a vicious form of chastity, so although I'm not physically restrained behind a plastic or steel cage, I still can't even receive any pleasure nor am I overly eager to try regardless of how horny I've become recently. 

The mind is willing but the flesh is unable. For now.

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