Monday, July 16, 2012

The dick is cursed.

You know for someone who's not even 40 yet, I sure do seem to have a lot of health issues related to the cock. Most of the time it's just various scrapes, bruises, and other assorted injuries from an overly aggressive sex life, but this time it was something I didn't expect. Prostatitis. Or at least that's what my own extensive self diagnosis (thank you Google) has led me to believe. Basically I was getting some minor pressure and discomfort that would occasionally crop up during or sometime after an extensive session of tease and denial from Miss H.

Basically what was happening was all that tease and denial with no release was causing a lot of pressure to build up in the area near the prostate. That pressure would normally be released from ejaculation or from teasing that wasn't happening multiple times a day, virtually every day for weeks. The prostate gets annoyed and starts giving you problems ranging from painful ejaculation to trouble peeing. Luckily for me my only symptoms were, like I said, just some amount of pressure in the area that just didn't feel right.

I was a little to embarrassed to mention all the tease and denial stuff to the Dr. (I know, I should have), so he kind of just mentioned possible prostatitis and prescribed some antibiotics because he thought it was probably bacterial in nature. Miss H has kindly allowed me to fully cum multiple times recently to kind of "clear out the pipes" and hopefully help fix things. She's been very understanding about the whole thing and we're slowing things down a bit until things get better. So far things seem to be proceeding nicely, no real pain or complications, and I finished the antibiotics yesterday. With any luck we'll be back in the swing of things in no time ;)

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