Monday, July 2, 2012

Two nights of fun.

The past two nights have been the most fun I've had sexually in a while. Nothing major was pre-planned, the two of us just decided to relax and just "see what happens", knowing full well a good amount of kink of fun was in store in some form or another. Trash TV on in the background, a few bottles of adult beverages freshly opened, and all night to do what ever we wanted. There are to many things we dabbled in to fit into one blog post so I'm just going to hit a few of my personal highlights -

1) Being dressed in my go to slut outfit, a micro short, shiny silver club dress with white garters and stockings, and my 6" white platforms. No makeup or wig, other then polish on my fingers and toes. I stayed dressed like that the majority of both nights and it was awesome. The best part was around 11pm we started to see lightning outside (this was the night of that big storm here in the mid atlantic area). Miss H asked if my car windows were closed because it was going to rain soon. "No, they're down about an inch or so", I replied. "Well, you better hurry up and put them up before the rain comes", was her smug reply. I started to voice some opposition about having to get changed and not wanting to get back into boy clothes. "I never said I was going to let you change", she quipped and pointed to the front door. Thanks to probably one to many shots I barely even argued, just got up and walked to the door.

While we don't live on Broadway or anything, there are still enough cars going by and people sitting outside on a hot night to make this a bit of a risky proposition. I poked my head out the front door and seeing as how the coast looked clear I started briskly walking the two hundred feet or so to my car, my heels clacking away on the concrete with every step. I was to nervous to look around to see if anybody had spotted me so I kept my head forward and made a bee line for the car. I did was needed to be done and then high tailed it back inside. Miss H watched the whole thing from our front door, smiling as her lingerie clad sissy marched out in public, just yards away from all of our neighbors. I'm not sure what I would have done if someone had seen me, but luckily that didn't happen.

That particular task that Miss H made me complete was both extremely scary and a huge turn on at the same time. I guess you could consider it sort of a "mean" task because it didn't really bring about any pleasure, it's sole purpose was to scare and potentially seriously embarrass me. Strangely though the "meaner" Miss H is the more I feel she loves me. When she's "nice", I can't help but feel she's just indulging my fantasies. But when out of the blue she pushes my limits and does something cruel and unexpected, then somehow that translates to me that we're on the same wave length sexually and she's just as much into being kinky as I am. Like, the FLR is our thing that we share equally and by being dominant and vicious she's just reinforcing that dynamic. The more I become submissive, the more she becomes dominant, it's our relationship's method of maintaining homeostasis.

2) Last night after getting into some tease and denial for a while, Miss H wanted to take a small break. Not stop any sexual activity entirely, but just take a pause to grab another drink or two and just relax before getting back into things. I on the other hand was nothing but a raging hardon so the whole concept was just bizarre to me. I tried snuggling up to her, rubbing her breasts gently, hoping to get her back in the mood, but she seemed more intent on doing other things. She put up with it for a few minutes before basically telling me to back off, and leave her alone. Of course that kind of bitchy attitude (which she normally doesn't have in more vanilla times) only causes me to get that much hornier. "No. Wait", she said as I was starting to roll over in bed to my side. "I've got a better idea, go get your fleshlight", she said.

I shot over to the closet and returned with the fake pussy masturbator. She was already sitting up in bed as she unscrewed the cap of the toy and held it up in front of her so I could squirt some lube in it. She then held it down by her side like she was holding a TV remote or something, firm grip but very nonchalant about it. "Well, what are you waiting for", she said with an almost angry tone in her voice. As I quickly rolled back against her and slid the cock between the folds of the silicone sleeve, I saw her grab the actual remote with her other hand and begin checking the on screen guide to see what was on TV. At first I thought she was being so inattentive as a way to belittle and humiliate me (she knows I love that with a passion), but after the first few minutes passed and she seemed completely uninterested in dealing with me what so ever, I became equally mortified and completely aroused. Here was her soon to be husband, dressed in women's clothes, furiously pumping into a fake pussy just inches from her and she was completely oblivious to anything other then the episode of Bridezilla's which happened to be on. The feeling of rejection was deep, almost physical, as five minutes turned into fifteen, which turned into half and hour, and before I realized it, almost a whole hour had passed, and then it was only  over because Miss H stopped because her wrist was getting sore from holding the Fleshlight. Emotionally I felt horrible, like Miss H was utterly disgusted by me, yet once again, no matter how much I felt emotionally battered and on the verge of tears, the cock betrayed me my darkest desires, for it stayed hard and dripping the entire time, desperate to cum, desperate to finally earn release.

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