Friday, August 24, 2012


Not a lot of news of the kink front, Miss H and I are still keeping things kind of mellow as we wait out the current medical condition. I got my lab work back from the Dr. about a week ago and there was no bacterial infection that they could find so while that's good, it doesn't explain the cause of the epididymitis. I'm scheduled to go back in a few days for a follow up with my primary care doctor and at this point I'm assuming he'll either try to put me on a multi week dose of anti-biotic just to ensure there isn't an infection of some sort hiding out in a remote location or a referral to a urologist for more tests or what not.

Miss H and I have had sex (of the actual intercourse variety) several times since all of this started but its been kind of nerve racking on my part at least because I can't seem to really enjoy things because I'm constantly in medical mode trying to analyze what's happening while we're in the middle of things. Is there any pain in my scrotum? Does it feel any different when I thrust hard verses softly entering her? When I'm cumming does it hurt? Is the force great or less then it usually is? It feels like I'm kind of observing things from afar as opposed to being in the moment and enjoying it.

Thankfully there haven't really been any major problems or pain pop up (although, of course, today I'm a little sore after being fine for a few days) so I'm thinking of asking Miss H to see if she's interested in possibly, slowly, ramping things up again and see how that works out. Then after I see the Dr. and hopefully get the all clear, really returning to how things use to be even if that's initially at a much slower pace until things are totally healed up.

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