Thursday, January 17, 2013

A day of Humiliation Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off on my previous post, after my return from WalMart I quickly slipped into the bathroom at home to remove the plug and jump in the shower. I was already shaved pretty smooth but I wanted things silky so I grabbed my trusty razor and got down to business. The next thing up on Miss H's list of tasks for the day was to be dressed for the remainder of the day. I'm quite partial to my silver dress and white stockings with matching platforms, but today I opted to go a different route.

Black wig, pvc dress, a black stockings and garter set (with cute little pink bows near the top), and some sky high stilettos. It felt wonderful sliding back into some sexy slut clothes and as soon as I was done I ran to my makeup box and started applying my foundation and everything else. I was a little out of practice with my makeup skills, Miss H usually prefers me to dress without any additional makeup or wig, but I managed to pull off a pretty good look if I do say so myself. Now I would love to share the "full" pictures with my face included so you can see for yourself but unfortunately for the sake of privacy, for now at least, I have to be somewhat careful with what I post. In the mean time you can at least enjoy the outfit I was wearing.

It didn't take long before I noticed that my cock was just dripping with pre-cum at the thought of finally being able to be dressed again and I was just absolutely out of my mind horny at this point. Which coincidentally, was probably what Miss H expected would happen and why her next task was so difficult. I would finally be allowed some opportunity for pleasure, but not in the way I necessarily wanted. That will have to wait until the next blog post though because I can't sit around all night blogging, not when Miss H has unfinished housework waiting for me to get done. That laundry isn't going to put itself away so this is the end for now.


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  1. A very sexy dress. You must have great control. I would've cum instantly while slipping it on.