Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day of Humiliation pt. 3

Miss H's final task of the day quite merciless and cruel if I do say so myself. She knew that after hours and hours of dressing and kink I would be in a state of horny euphoria and willing to do just about anything in order to quench my thirst for sexual satisfaction, and of course she was right. Almost since the point I had first started dressing earlier that day, I had been dripping pre-cum like water through a rusty down spout.

Miss H hadn't given me permission to masturbate so about the only touching I did was hold my cock for some of the pictures I took. I was going nuts browsing my Tumblr and feeling the soft silky stockings across my legs and the tightness of the stilettos around my feet so I was dying for release. Miss H txted me to say I was finally allowed to masturbate for twenty whole minutes. The catch? I was only allowed to touch myself if I did so while watching gay porn.

Uh-oh. This didn't sound good.

I enjoyed watching "sissy" porn and transvestite porn which usually consisted of Female Dommes and the occasional male used to abuse the submissive cross dresser, so I asked if that would be acceptable to watch. The answer was a resounding no. That would be to easy, if I was really that horny, I was to watch  regular old man on man porn or nothing at all. 

Feeling a bit weird about the whole situation but undeniably horny, I didn't put up much of an argument and instead quickly fired up google to see what was available. It wasn't to long before I found something that fit the bill and like an animal in heat quickly grabbed hold of my hard cock and started stroking like a madman.

While not my first choice for porn viewing, the fact that it was bondage porn (and kind of rough sex at that) helped make it more acceptable, combine that with the fact that it felt so good to finally touch myself again that virtually anything sexual at that point would have turned me on to some degree. I edged myself over and over again, desperate to cum whether it was hot chicks or some muscle dude in leather chaps face fucking his submissive.

The feelings of embarrassment and humiliation didn't really hit until after I was done and had to text Miss H to tell her I was finished and to thank her for allowing me to masturbate. Miss H likes pushing my buttons and messing with my head and this was one task that really did that.

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