Friday, March 11, 2011

No relief

After a rather extreme night of strap-on play Wednesday night, and by extreme I mean I was getting fucked so hard by Miss H that the dildo literally snapped out of the harness and flew halfway across the room, I woke up Thursday morning to the delightful sound of my phone's alarm going off around 5:30am. Ah, the joys of getting up early for work. Still in a sleep induced daze I rolled over on my side to look at Miss H. She looked beautiful, her large breasts straining to be kept under wraps by the tight pvc tube top she had worn to bed.

She moaned softly as I took her left nipple between my fingers and began gently playing with it. Now some people may consider it disrespectful to touch your Mistress without permission but when it comes to her nipples, Miss H has given me free reign at any time to make her feel good by licking, squeezing, or sucking on them. They seem to have a direct line to her clit and with the slightest touch she'll almost instantly get wet. As I was saying though, I toyed with her nipples for a few minutes, secretly hoping that she would become aroused enough to perhaps stroke my cock or, fingers crossed, allow me to be inside her.

Thankfully I was allowed to remove my cock cage the previous night so I laid next to her in bed with a raging hard on that was dripping into a small puddle on the sheets. Did I happen to mention that I was also wearing a shiny silver, micro mini club dress, cute white stockings with bows in the back, and a pair of "fuck me" pink ankle strap 6" stilettos? So as I sat there, desperate and horny for any type of sexual release or even physical contact, Mistress seemed more focused on her nipple stimulation then even the tiniest thought of my pleasure. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and humbly asked her for permission to masturbate. To my surprise she said yes so I quickly took hold of my cock and began furiously stroking it while my face was buried between her breasts, alternating between each nipple as I sucked them deep within my mouth. 

Damn it. My alarm went off again. By now I knew that if I wasn't up like this exact second I was probably going to be late for work. Miss H knew it too so she ushered me out of bed so I could take a shower. Now Miss H has a rule, if she allows me to masturbate at any time, I'm to kiss her feet and say out loud to her "Mistress, thank you for allowing your little sissy fag slave to rub your cock for you." Not wanting to get in trouble I did what I was supposed to on my way to the bathroom. Of course a quick kiss on the feet soon turned into a much longer period of licking and sucking her freshly painted toes.

By the time I was done I glanced over at the clock and saw that I now had officially 15 minutes to shower, change, eat breakfast, and get my stuff together for work. I stood up from my place on the floor and was about to finally take my shower when Miss H calmly told me to place her cock on her feet. Apprehensive about the time, I quickly did it. Her feet were still slightly wet from all the licking and sucking I had just done so my cock slid effortlessly along the long arches of her soles. I moaned slightly as my still hard cock dripped pre-cum on top of her sexy feet. "Get some lube and rub it between my feet. You have twenty seconds." She knew I was already running late but she didn't care one bit (I totally love the fact that she doesn't seem to give two shits about me some times). I hurriedly did as she ordered, rubbing wet platinum between her feet as she closed them tightly together. Mistress didn't need to tell me what she wanted me to do next, I instinctively pushed my dick between her feet and started pumping away. The feeling was incredible and my long suffering cock couldn't go more then four pumps before I had to stop to prevent myself from cumming.

This went on over and over again. Each time getting right to the edge of cumming only to stop so as not to anger my Mistress. I was begging for permission, each time getting more and more desperate, offering up any humiliating punishment I could think of as a way to bribe her into allowing me to cum. When I was at my breaking, delirious with desire and overcome with an almost unbearable level of sexual frustration, Miss H calmly, and almost mechanically separated her feet, rolled over in bed and said one word, "go." I stood up in a mental fog, my cock pulsing, my brain spinning from unfulfilled lust, my body literally shaking.

As I closed the bathroom door behind me, I thought to myself that this was going to be my life from here on out. The life I had always wanted....

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  1. Havent commented for a bit. but after reading this two words cum to mind. FUCKING HOT