Monday, March 14, 2011

So far so good.

I've you read Miss H's blog then you've probably already know that she and I have entered into a new phase of our relationship. We've gone from a "normal" vanilla relationship with a lot of fetish elements to a FLR or Female Led Relationship. Personally that's something I've always wanted but it never seemed to be in the cards for me.

With Miss H though, not only is she totally on board with the idea, she's the one who actually suggested it and wrote out what we call  The Principles. They're a set of guidelines and rules that form the basis for our 24/7 FLR life together. In a perfect world 24/7 would mean around the clock kind and sexual craziness on a daily basis but do to various *minor* issues (work, family issues, etc) that type of lifestyle is more erotic fiction then realistic day to day life.

By no means should that give you the idea we aren't 100% serious, Miss H is my goddess and I treat her as such, it just simply means that we lead our life knowing full well that occasionally I won't get fucked in the ass because the car needs a trip to Jiffy Lube for an oil change instead. Just like romantic love can be interupted by having to stay late at the office, so too can our FLR relationship.

So far things have been great and I have absolutely no regrets what so ever. There's still a bit of a newness to the whole thing as Miss H and I get more accustomed to our roles and feel more comfortable exploring the dynamics of this new lifestyle. I think I'm willing to accept more pain and humiliation then Miss H might feel comfortable right now dishing out, but in time it will all balance out. For me one of the hardest things is to get accustomed to doing sexual things in totally non sexual situations. For example in the past Miss H might order to get dressed in a slutty outfit and we would then have wild passionate sex. Now, she may order me to get dressed like a slut but during the middle of a basketball game on TV an do nothing more then sit on the sofa quietly while she reads a magazine and ignores me, any inkling of sexual interaction not even registering on her radar.

I find the FLR fulfilling in ways that I never would have imagined. There's a certain sense of inner calm and love I feel virtually around the clock now. I don't have to worry if Miss H is in the mood for sex, she'll tell me when I feel pleasure and when my little cock will be caged and kept waiting for when she wants it. I no longer worry if I'm giving her a massage properly or choosing a restaurant she'll like or wearing and outfit she finds sexy because now I don't have the option to choose unless she allows me to. She picks what she wants and does what she wants. Miss H of course is too nice to abuse these privileges (although I wish she would ;) so while this might not work for a lot of people, it's perfect for us.

To quote Trent Reznor, you can find Happiness in Slavery...

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