Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in the groove

About a week ago or so Miss H and I had a little dust up over various issues related to our FLR relationship. Nothing major, just enough to make things uncomfortable for both of us. In hindsight I was largely to blame for things and should have just "manned up" and talked it out with her. I didn't, and it became a bigger issue then it should have been due to my silence and snarky attitude about it.

Since then everything has gotten back to normal and by normal I mean not being allowed to cum, cock caged at all times, and Miss H beating my ass while occasionally teasing me to the edge of orgasm only to leave me without any relief at all. Life is good again :)

I actually haven't seen Miss H since early Thursday morning because she's been away on business. It's been hard because first off I miss her greatly because she's the love of my life. Second, it's because she has total control of my sexual pleasure in every manner. If I want to cum, I have to have her permission (which usually doesn't happen). If I want to masturbate, I have to hope that she unlocks my cage then allows me to touch her cock. If I want to use a toy on my ass, she has to authorize it. Anything and everything in regards to my sexual being is under her lock and key, so while it's hard enough to get any release when she's physically here, it's even harder when she's far away.

I've been pretty much chomping at the bit for the last few days, desperate for release. Miss H has had me caged since before she left but she hasn't forgotten about me completely. I was told I would have to wear pink nail polish and not remove it before she returned Sunday night. Luckily I had Friday off so no issues related to work, but I had previously mentioned to her a number of errands I had to run this weekend, before I found out she would make me wear the polish. Miss H insisted that I complete those errands regardless of the fact that I was wearing nail polish.  So, to make a long story short, it was an interesting day at the food store today.

I can't wait until I see her again...

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