Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My favorite thing.

It's rare that Miss H allows me to have intercourse with her anymore, that's a reward she usually saves for special occasions like my Birthday, etc. Sometimes after an especially long session of teasing and denial she'll allow me to enter her, not as a reward, but as a further reminder of what a pathetic sissy I'm becoming. By the time she lets me slide her cock inside of her, I'm so insanely horny and dripping wet that I can barely even get inside without almost cumming. She'll sit there impatiently, waiting for me to fuck her, yelling at me to keep going, knowing full well I can't because cumming without her permission would result in immediate punishment.

If I do manage to keep control of things and actually have sex with her, she won't let me do it for very long, just long enough to once again get to the very edge of cumming then telling me I have three pumps left before I have to withdraw. She'll then roll over in bed and go to sleep as I lay there naked, quivering, and almost delirious with desire.

My only real source of sexual pleasure comes from servicing her or when she uses her hand on me. Usually it's more of the former then the latter, with me using my mouth and fingers all over her gorgeous body. She has extremely sensitive nipples so I'll suck on them while simultaneously fingering her pussy, which she loves and is becoming the defacto standard when it comes to giving her orgasms anymore (I don't last long enough to provide an orgasm from intercourse). She seems to also really enjoy me worshiping her sexy feet with my tongue, running down the entire length of each foot before gently sucking on and licking her toes.

As I mentioned earlier, I rarely get intercourse so usually my reward for properly pleasing Miss H is having her use her hand on me. That single act of her manually masturbating me has quickly become just about my favorite thing in the world. It's not just because it's my only way to get any sort of sexual relief, it's because the combination of mental and physical stimulation sets me off in just about every way I could imagine.

Miss H will lay next to me and place my head across her chest so I can suck on her breasts while she slowly begins stroking me, gently whispering into my ear the most vile and hardcore sexual thoughts currently swirling around in her head. It might be a fantasy she has, or a story about a former lover she's fucked, or maybe just a little hint about what my next task for her will be. She does it because she knows I love hearing her talk dirty and because she knows it makes it incredibly hard for me to not cum while she strokes me over and over.

Once she has me sufficiently worked up and excited she starts to toy with me by among other things, relaxing her grip so her fingers are very loosely circling the shaft. The physical stimulation is greatly reduced but still just enough to make me buck up against her hand in an effort to feel her. Another thing she does is to not masturbate me at all, she will simply make a grip with her hand and I'm allowed to fuck it. It's embarrassing being made to fuck her hand but in the heat of the moment I couldn't care less. A new move she just started using was to make sure I was well lubed and at a very steady pace alternate between quickly stroking me once then immediately slapping my penis. This continues on for a while, the pain of the slaps not enough to deter me from asking her to keep going, the desire to get some sexual pleasure outweighing everything else.

Regardless of what she does, the end result is the same, I'm not allowed to cum and left horny and frustrated, knowing that I'll be wearing the CB-6000 again soon enough until she decides to unlock and play with me once more.

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