Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diaper Sissy part 1

Last night was amazing. The day started off rather mellow, and in fact sex was about the last thing on my mind as I woke up yesterday morning. I was all ramped up about watching game 7 of the Flyers/Sabres on TV that night so to be totally honest I was sort of hoping Miss H would make it a low key night and not have any chores or tasks for me.  I knew she had a few things of her own she needed to take care of so hopes were high for a quite night of watching hockey.

Then I got her txt.

"Tonight you'll be in your sissy pink dress, white crinoline, and diaper in time to watch your 7:30 Flyers game. I still have a few things I need to do but there's no reason my little sissy can sit like a pretty girl and watch the game while I work."

There was no point arguing so I began getting everything ready - the dress, white stockings and crinoline, white 6" platform shoes, a handful of  diapers (because Miss H likes it when I layer them and they're super bulky between my legs so I waddle a bit when I walk), plastic panties, pink elbow length sating gloves, bra and breast forms, and a medium sized black butt plug.

Sure enough, 7:00 rolled around and I was told to get get ready. I took a quick shower and shaved so I was smooth then returned to the bedroom and began getting dressed. It's always a double edged sword getting dressed in front of Miss H, especially when wearing a diaper is involved, because one part of me is totally humiliated and embarrassed while the other is totally getting off on those same feelings. The smirk on her face while she was securing my diaper in place both made my stomach twist into knots and instantly turn me on at the same time. The look of disdain in her eyes and the mean little comments she made had me leaking pre-cum almost instantly.

Naturally being this aroused made watching the game difficult to say the least. Every movement I made caused the crinoline to move and billow, the butt plug to thrust farther inside of me, and my 34D breast forms jiggle slightly. Miss H's sissy little cock was no longer caged, but the thick, crinkly diaper and plastic panties prevented any type of contact. The entire game all I could focus on was Miss H, and hoping that eventually she would stop ignoring me long enough to possibly play with me or allow me to service her beautiful pussy or ass.

Earlier Miss H had made it clear that no sexual activity of any kind was promised or should be expected, if the urge struck  her she may do something but she was going to be busy so it was unlikely. Plus, Miss H likes to torture me me ensuring I fully pee before putting on the diaper then only allowing me to be free once I had used the diaper some point later in time. So usually it takes a while to drink enough to be able to pee in the diaper so I spend hours helplessly horny and frustrated, waiting for just the opportunity to possibly get some sexual release.

Much later I finally felt the warm rush of liquid surround me as I began filling the bulky diaper. The release of pee was about the closest thing to ejaculating I've felt since the last time Miss H let me cum almost two months ago. I savored the feeling and the utter shame of having her watch me while I stood there and debased myself for her. What happened next I certainly didn't expect...

*To be continued with Part 2*

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