Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diaper Sissy part 2

So here's the second installment of the fun Miss H and I had the other night - After soaking the diaper I assumed that we were done for the night. I would get changed back into my boring "boy" clothes and we would finish up the night doing our best impression of the "normal suburban couple down the street".

That was not to be the case.

Instead, Miss H ordered me to go get cleaned up, get dressed again and return for her inspection. I was totally caught off guard by that but after a moment of stunned silence did as I was told. I returned a few minutes later a bit nervous about what Miss H had planned. Once again I was told to lay down on the bed and she proceeded to diaper me once more (such a turn on and humiliation at the same time...). When I was all done Miss H laid down on the bed next to me and spent the next hour or so making fun of me, spending an inordinate amount of time going into detail about what a pathetic little sissy I was, and how no real man would ever willingly get dressed in womens clothing and wear a diaper. The more verbally abusive and cruel she got, the more pre-cum I leaked out beneath the tight confines of that big bulky plastic diaper.

She would take a break now and again to allow me time to suck on her toes or worship her ass with my tongue, never missing and opportunity to tease me or make degrading comments about me or what I was doing. During this time span, and without even consciously realizing it, I would start dry humping her leg or whatever I happened to be close to. Like an animal in heat, all I could think about was getting some relief from the never ending sexual denial. Miss H just kind of chuckled as she saw me desperately pumping against her skin, the butt plug pushing deep into my ass with each thrust forward.

I was so turned on and excited that just that little bit of friction between the diaper and myself was enough to almost make me cum, I had to suddenly stop and hold back, fearful of what would happen if I came without her permission. She sensed what was going on and in the most condescending voice possible asked me if I wanted to cum. After sixty days without a real orgasm, I jumped at the opportunity, imagining how it would finally feel to be inside Miss H once again and feel the satisfaction and release of cumming deep inside her.

"Sissy, you may rub your little clitty against that diaper until you spill your cum", was all she said as she rolled over on her side, no longer paying any attention to me. I could lie and say I was dissapointed and angry about having to dry hump the bed while tucked neatly inside that thick diaper, but it would be just that, a lie. In reality, being degraded to that point made it that much better. So while I groaned in pleasure as I began to cum inside my diaper, my mind reeled at just how desperate and pathetic I had become. Aroused to the point of orgasm by nothing more then being made to wear the most humiliating womens clothes, while a large black butt plug and thick crinkly diaper kept me in check, the whole time verbally abused and degraded by a beautiful women who found enjoyment in my suffering. It wasn't till much later the next morning was I even allowed to take off the clothes and cummed in diaper, I was forced to stay like that for the rest of that night.

It was heaven. I love you Miss H.

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  1. wow. you really are turning into such a pathetic little sissy. She should have made you smear your cum all over your face and sleep with it on there for the night. Missh makes you do some very hot things.