Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Egg

This past valentines day one of the presents Miss H gave me was a Tenga Egg. For those not familiar with the egg, it's comes in a package that looks like an easter egg and when opened has what appears to be a hard boiled egg made out of a silicone. Inside this "egg" is a pack of lube which you pour inside of it. You then place the opening of the egg on the tip of your penis and pull it down so it acts like a masturbation sleeve or artificial pussy.

It looks and feels a little bit weird the first time you use it but it actually feels really amazing. Each time you pull it down the length of your cock the material stretches out and goes from a pure white to being able to see through it. It's very soft and squishy inside but it definitely does the trick. It wasn't more then a few minutes after being inside the egg did I explode in a gush of cum. It's not quite as good as the real thing, but it's a fun thing to play around with.

I probably would have enjoyed it even more had it been my choice to use it. You see after a long day of being desperately horny, I was under the assumption (the wrong assumption apparently) that Miss H would allow me to sleep with her at the end of the night. I waited patiently all day and night but at some point I got a bit to forward with her and actually pushed the issue instead of acting like a good slave and being happy for whatever I was given. It was easy to see she was getting perturbed by me attempting to get even the slightest bit forceful in terms of the direction of our sexual plans for the evening, but I couldn't stop.

Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

When the time came, Miss H carefully got naked and laid down on the bed, telling me to do the same. As I did I immediately began trying to make out with her. She put up with this for a few seconds before pushing my head down between her thighs and making me orally service her. When I was done I sat between her spread legs, cock fully erect and tingling, waiting for what I expected would be her giving me permission to enter her dripping pussy. Instead she calmly looked at me and without an ounce of care in her voice, promptly told me to get off the bed, get the Tenga Egg, and get on all fours at the bottom of the bed.

After retrieving the egg she told me to open it and use it because that would be the only "pussy" I was getting that night. Normally I think Miss H would have been much harsher on me for being so aggressive and non-submissive, but I think the curiosity of watching me use the egg in front of her while she watched tempered her anger. It wasn't long until I came inside of it, the huge release of cum filling up the egg, clearly visible as it was stretched tight around me. Miss H chuckled a bit, amused at how fast I had cum after being inside it, then motioned me off to get cleaned up so we could get to bed.

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