Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beach

There are occasions when I forget just how different life has become now that Miss H and I have made the move to a full time FLR relationship. Things that seem so normal now yet completely opposite of how they were just seven or eight months ago. A perfect example was getting ready to go to the beach recently. I grabbed the beach towels, umbrella, food, and everything else that we would need and packed them in the car. I jumped in the shower real quick and afterwards while drying off I was thinking about where we might go for lunch when it dawned on me that there were now a few additional "new" things I had to take care of before we left.

First, the bright pink nail polish had to be taken off my toes. That was followed by replacing the standard metal lock on my CB-6000 with a plastic one (saltwater and metal didn't seem like a good combination). Then after putting on my swimsuit I suddenly realized that between the cock cage, the lock, my scrotum piercing, and Miss H's dog tag heart attached to the ring, I sounded like a one man band every time I took a step, the combination of plastic and metal clanking about rather loudly. To fix it, I put on a pair of colorful cotton bikini brief panties underneath my suit to hold things in place and muffle the noise.

As harsh as is it might sound to be forced to wear the cage to the beach, it was actually my decision. Well sort of, Mistress gave me the option to either take the nail polish off my toes or remove the cock cage. One or the other but not both. I chose the cage because it's better to feel a little physical discomfort then a lot of public shame. Over all the day went great, and with the tight restraint of the cage around Miss H's cock, she was never far from my mind.

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