Monday, May 16, 2011

It's on.

After about a week and a half break, Miss H has put me back in my CB-6000 chastity cage. During this time we've kind of gone through a bit of slow patch in terms of our FLR/kink. Life has interjected its self (the previously mentioned cut I wrote about in my last post, some personal appointments, etc) and my submission to Miss H has taken an unpleasent turn as I've definitely slacked in my duties to her. That's over with now, as is readily apparent by the feeling of confinement this tight plastic cock cage has me in.

Mistress was most displeased about my attitude after being allowed to cum this past time, acting like your stereotypical insensitive, brutish male instead of the little sissy whore we both know I really am. Last night she sounded like she had no plans to make that mistake again...

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