Saturday, May 7, 2011


For the first time in a long time I haven't been kept in constant chastity in my CB-6000 cage by Miss H. It's not because she hasn't wanted to, but because I've acquired a rather painful cut on the underside on the bottom of Miss H's cock.

It doesn't look all that bad in this pic but it's kind of deep and any kind of cut that's kept in a somewhat moist environment is just asking for infection and other sorts of trouble so Miss H has allowed me to remain out of the cage until it's fully healed. The cause of my suffering? Miss H's dirty talk and sexy feet.

Normally when I'm kept caged Miss H has the mentality of "out of sight, out of mind". In other words if she doesn't actively need her little cock for something it stays caged up tight and she doesn't really pay much attention to it.  This past week though, in an unusually cruel turn of events she decided to spend an extended period of time with a tease and denial session. Teasing me over and over again with how worthless I was, and how badly I must want to be uncaged. The rough caress of her sexy feet along along the length of the cock cage only served to turn me on more. 

Almost instantly the erection was crushed beneath the stiff plastic of the CB-6000. That in itself was bad but the real pain came from the fact that the harder I got, the more the bottom ring of the cage was pulled up and tugged mercilessly around the length of the shaft. Then like wearing a cock ring, it kept the blood trapped inside and the pain flowing. Eventually the pain was enough to make me lose the erection (sort of) but Miss H's verbal abuse quickly made it hard again. This went on again sporadically over the next few days, me terribly horny yet terrified when Miss H would start her teasing again, dreading the pain that would soon follow as the cage dug into me.

It wasn't until a day or two later when Miss H allowed me out of the cage temporarily to shower did she notice the wound. It's doing better, with a bit of triple anti-biotic and gentle care causing it to heal quite nicely. It shouldn't be long before the cage goes back on...

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