Friday, May 27, 2011

Today's a tough one.

I've long since been accustomed to wearing my CB-6000, to the point now where *not* wearing it seems like the odd thing. Obviously then you might think I've also gotten used to not cumming, and for the most part you'd be right. It's still really hard to spend an hour or two with Miss H teasing her little cock and having me service her, knowing full well that I wont get any release at the end, but I suppose repetition breeds familiarity so I've learned to accept it. The sheer pleasure during her teasing is well worth not receiving the final "prize".

There are plenty of days where I just feel really horny all day (which seems like every day actually) and some where outside forces intervene and sex is the last thing on my mind. Overall it seems to mellow out and hit a sweet spot, a nice feeling of pent up sexual frustration without reaching an all consuming level of sexual addiction.

Today however is not one of those days. I'm horny to an almost painful level, the need for sexual release virtually unbearable. Miss H walked into the bedroom naked this morning after getting out of the shower. I always stare her down when she does because I find her body incredibly attractive. This morning it was more alone the lines of a hungry cheetah eyeballing a wounded gazelle. She was in a hurry so she didn't do anything the least bit provocative or sexual to toy with me, just simply slide on a normal pair of panties and bra and then get dressed for work. The entire thing took barely 60 seconds if that and yet as I looked down at my shorts I noticed a fully erect cock and could feel the front of my panties soaking wet with precum. At that point she could have just shot me the right look with her eyes and it would have been all over, I seriously think I could have came right there, through the cage and into my nice frilly, flowery panties.

I don't know the exact reason why I'm so horny today as compared to other days this week, perhaps being caged up and chaste for over two weeks is finally catching up with me. Maybe it's because Miss H has become more vigorous in her training during this latest bout of extended chastity (disciplinary canings every night without fail, extended tease and denial sessions occurring almost daily, a new level of depraved dirty talk and verbal abuse, etc). It could even be the simple fact that Miss H and I didn't really have any time together last night. No real soft cuddling, no gentle sucking on her magnificent breasts, and certainly no attention paid to the tiny cock she has locked up.

Now that I sit her and think about it that last one makes a lot of sense. It's definitely not the only reason but it probably plays a large part in my current predicament. I rarely get to have intercourse with Miss H so I've become used to channeling that expression of my sexual release into other forms. I can't "have sex" with Miss H so in order to find some type of sexual satisfaction my brain is getting rewired to receive the same pleasure and release by sucking on Miss H's toes or orally servicing her ass. So while I don't get to orgasm while doing these things, the same level of sexual excitement is generated. Or something like that, it sounds like a bunch of psycho babble but all I know is that while I always enjoyed giving oral to Miss H, I can now get almost to the point of cumming just by licking her and pleasing her.  So when intercourse is taken away, my brain has a fall back plan. It's when that gets taken away also that problems arise, I think I get so flooded with testosterone that I fall into like sex zombie mode (how sexy does that sound btw...) and become obsessed with anything and everything sex related.

Five minutes alone unlocked from my cock cage and I'd be able to cum and release the built up pressure, but that won't be happening any time soon if Miss H has anything to say about it so instead I'll sit here like a meth head jonesing for a hit, fidgety, anxious, and unable to concentrate on anything that doesn't involve my deepest darkest kinks.

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