Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Frustrated. Again.

So it's about 2am as I write this and yet again I'm agitated and frustrated because I'm insanely horny and yet unable to cum. Physically I'm able to cum, I don't have my cock cage on preventing me from masturbating, but my Mistress hasn't given me permission. Without that, I simply can not. Now the easy thing to do would be to just jerk off and not tell her. I'm not doing that and do u know why? First because I don't lie to her, and second I take our BDSM relationship very seriously. This isn't just a little role play that I engage in to spice up our love life, these are activities that are core to my sexual and mental health. So how can I say that I'm dedicated to this lifestyle and dedicated to my Mistress when I pledge to be her slave and then go disrespect her and "cheat" behind her back.

So instead, I'll be a good girl and try in vain to keep my mind off of how horny I am right now and how badly I need to cum. I'll try to forget how annoyed and sexually unsatisfied I am too. Maybe unlike every other night I can make the urges stop. Maybe, but I doubt it.

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