Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'm almost shaking with giddy anticipation as I wait for my beautiful Mistress to arrive home. I'm wearing the pink, patent leather thigh high "fuck me" boots Mistress gave me for Christmas along with a short bustier, a pink thong, a hot pink mesh tutu type skirt (also a present from Mistress), and a pair of long white stockings with a dainty bow on the top of each leg.

I'm not sure what I did to deserve the pleasure to dress today, but Mistress must have something up her sleeve, which I'm oh so thankful for. Nothing gets me as excited as an unexpected txt msg from Mistress assigning me a new task or simply degrading me verbally. I live to serve her and on those brief periods of time she gives me the honor to bow down before her, I just drip with excitement and nervous energy.

Now that I think about it I may have an idea why Mistress has the sudden interest in seeing me dress and become so subservient again. You see after being in chastity for roughly a month and a half, Mistress was so kind as to allow me to cum. Unfortunately for her, I guess the relief that my orgasm provided me also provided me with a false sense of manhood. I suddenly became less attentive to her needs like cuddling, wasn't going the extra mile like I had been in taking care of her (cleaning her house, cooking her dinner, etc) and generally starting to put my own needs in front of hers. This is of course contrary to everything I was being trained to do so I can understand why Mistress prefers me as her sissy instead of her "equal" partner.

When she has me dressed and always on the verge of cumming I'm like one of her girlfriends, talking with her for hours about our feelings and emotions, doing thoughtful little things for her to show her how much I love her, spending more time with her friends and family, and everything else a women might desire from her man. Well, of course for the sex, because with the constant denial and teasing of my cock I'm constantly on edge and ready to cum with barely any actual physical contact. Three pumps and cumming is not what she obviously wants so perhaps it's time to provide alternate means of sexual satisfaction for her. More oral, use of vibrators, perhaps even a new "boyfriend" on the side, etc so that she can then have the best of both worlds, all wrapped up in a frilly little pink dress...

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