Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long night...

I can tell tonight isn't going to be easy. Mistress was upset at a minor infraction I had and in turn sentenced me to wear my medium size butt plug until she returns from her social engagement. The plug went in around 6pm and almost immediately my cock started dripping precum, which I guess what's happen when u haven't been able to cum in weeks. I'm doing everything I can think off to keep my mind off of how horny and turned on I am. Watching television, doing vanilla chores, anything to not focus on the feel of that big anal plug stuck deep inside me. Oh, and did I mention that she has forbidden me to even masturbate (regardless of if I don't cum).

I've already started peaking in on my personal porn collection. Bad move because it's only making the urges that much worse. The only saving grace is that I'm still wearing my regular "guy" clothes(yuck)so that makes it a bit easier to handle. If I was in lingerie and heels or a nice tight mini skirt I don't know how I would be able to handle it. My male clothes keep me sort of stuck in vanilla mode, so where as I get horny, I don't catapult into that dressed, sissy whore mentality where I go out of my mind horny and excited. I'm going to have to stop writing now because just thinking about it is making me leak precum again. As a good bye present though I'll post a pic of that big plug inside my little sissy "pussy". Enjoy!

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