Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting our bearings

Being in a FLR relationship on a near 24/7 basis with total chastity for half a year is a big change. Almost as much as suddenly not being in that mode any more. The past week or so has been a new experience as we try to figure out exactly what "vanilla" is anymore while we take a mini-break from the kink. As I was worried about, Miss H and I have had a number of issues crop up recently which for the most part were all related to a lack of communication. In hindsight, more talking and less expecting the other person to know what we were each feeling would have gone a long way in preventing any of the hurt feelings we both experienced.

For me I wanted this break to just kind of clear my head. Being so hyper sexually aroused all the time was great, but when you take a break from it you realize just how much you need to mentally recuperate. It's like the day after you get back from a great vacation. It was a lot of fun, but you need to just decompress for a little while before heading back to work. Miss H took my new found interest in non-sexual subjects (and an admitted decrease in my outward acts of affection to her) as a sort of statement on my desire for her. Her feelings were hurt, she felt unappreciated, and self conscious. I could have handled it much better, and for that I'm truly sorry.

Last night we talked things out a bit more and it seemed to help the situation. We both were able to open up more and discuss how we were each feeling, and those feelings were kind of a surprise to both of us. Little miscommunications that spun out of control. We ended up having sex last night, nothing kinky or crazy, just two people in love doing what lovers do. I was allowed to cum fully and it was wonderful, the connection with Miss H more then the orgasm, and it was something we both definitely needed. Miss H mentioned that she wants to get back into the FLR but perhaps not until after Valentine's Day, which is fine with me because taking some time together now will end up helping a lot in the long run.

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  1. I think chastity (and even FLR) breaks are important. They don't need to happen often, but like you mentioned, it can help to clear your heads, allow you to have some good 'ol fashion vanilla lovemaking, etc. Kink is great, and I love it, but you're a couple first and sometimes it's nice to just go "vanilla" for a bit.